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Printing Your Season Tickets

You can Print any game ticket online via your Winnipeg Jets Account for free. Print-At-Home generates a PDF ticket that you can print from your home and office and bring to the game.

When re-printing your tickets you will be given the option to generate a new barcode (if your tickets have been misplaced or stolen) or keep the existing barcode (if you're experiencing printer problems or forgot your tickets at home or the office).

We encourage all Primary Account Holders to use their Jets Pass when attending games, and to use the Forwarding function when sending any number of tickets to Share Partners, friends or colleagues. Do not Print all of your games and hand out the tickets as neither you nor the recipient will have full control over those tickets.


Once logged in, select the manage my tickets button. From the calendar screen that follows, choose the game you wish to Print. Printing a ticket will remove that seat from your Jets Pass..

Step 1


Click the Print-at-Home tab. Click the checkboxes at the bottom of the screen to select the seats you wish to Print. If you are Printing seats from more than one game, click the manage more tickets button on the right side of the screen, and choose a new game. The total number of seats you selected is shown in the print (X) button. When you have finished selecting seats, click print (X) to continue.

If you have already Printed a ticket, the date and time of that printing is listed next to each seat. This information is for reference only. It will not prevent you from choosing to Print again.

Step 2


Verify you are Printing the correct seats. Using the Reprinting Tickets checkbox, choose whether to have new barcodes generated for your tickets. If you believe your tickets are lost or stolen, it is strongly recommended using this feature to generate new barcodes to void any earlier printed tickets. When you are ready, click Continue to print.

Next, you may agree to the Terms of Use and click submit. You will receive a confirmation email listing all of the games you have chosen to Print.

On the following screen you may print a confirmation that you have Printed tickets. This PRINT button will provide you a record of your transaction but does not generate your tickets. Your tickets are generated automatically. Please look for a PDF file Save As dialogue box, or a notice from your web browser that you have downloaded a file.

Step 3
Managing Your Account
Manage My Account

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