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Jets Wait List FAQ's

Q: If a seat opens and I am next in line on the Jets Wait List, do I have to take the option regardless of price point or can I choose to pass on the opportunity but maintain my place in line?

A: You have the right to decline a seat offer only once. In the event you choose to decline the first seat offer, no other offer will be made available to you before the following season. If you decline a second seat offer, your name will be moved to the bottom of the priority ranking list for future season seat package opportunities.


Q: Can I get a refund?

A: For new Jets Wait List members, the $50 per seat fee is non-refundable, and pays for your initial signup and the benefits. This amount does not get applied to any future season seat package purchase. Each July, you will receive the option to renew your position on the Jets Wait List for the next season. This renewal membership fee is $100 per account (not per seat). This annual $100 membership per account fee is cumulative (but non-interest bearing) and will be applied to your future season seat package purchase should your account come up next on the list.


Q: Will the $100 per account annual membership fee be refundable if I decide to not renew my Jets Wait List membership?

A: No, this fee is a renewal fee that will allow you to maintain your position on the priority Jets Wait List as well as enjoy the benefits associated with being a member each year. The cumulative $100 per account membership renewal fee will be applied to your future season seat package purchase and not have a refund value should you decide not to renew your membership.


Q: How long will it take me to obtain seats?

A: Due to the high demand for Winnipeg Jets season seats and the multi-year terms of each of the agreements signed by current season seat holders, the waiting time varies and is impossible to predict on an annual basis.


Q: Will we have first access to individual game seats?

A: While you don't have first access to individual game seats, you do have exclusive access to any last minute seats that are released to sold-out games (on the day of a game). We will send an email alert to all Jets Wait List members informing them that these tickets are available. These tickets consist of tickets reserved by the NHL, the home team, the visiting team, and/or the NHLPA (releases are subject to availability). All Jets Wait List members will receive an email notification by 10:00am for an afternoon game and 2:00pm for an evening game. In addition, any tickets remaining after the monthly random draw winners have had the opportunity to purchase tickets will also be made available to the Jets Wait List prior to offering the tickets to the General Public.


Q: What is the process for Jets Wait List members to purchase individual seats remaining after the Random Draw process?

A: After the monthly Random Draw winners have had the opportunity to purchase seats, any remaining seats will first be made available to the Jets Wait List. In many cases, only single seats will be made available. There will be a 72 hour window for Jets Wait List members to purchase seats after which time remaining seats will be made available to the General Public.


Q: Do you plan on splitting available seats into mini-packs to potentially allow more customers on the Jets Wait List the opportunity to access seats?

A: No, we do not plan on breaking out our seat packages to be any smaller than the full and half season seat packages that are currently available.


Q: How often will we be notified about our priority ranking, as people on the top of the list obtain seat packages that open up?

A: We will send an updated email confirming your location on the Jets Wait List once per season. This email will be sent after the season seat renewal and the Jets Wait List Membership renewal processes have been completed. The email will inform you of your confirmed ranking on the List. If you forget your position, you can view it by logging into your account with your Account ID and password and/or by contacting your Account Service Representative to retrieve it from them directly.


Q: Will my spot on the list be transferable in the future if I do not get seats and my circumstance changes (i.e. financial situation and/or I move)?

A: Your Jets Wait List account and eventual right to purchase seats are transferable to an immediate family member one time only.


Q: If I went into the queue more than once and purchased Jets Wait List positions at different times, how does this affect my priority ranking?

A: We will recognize your highest ranking purchase. If you have two accounts purchased at different times, your position and number of seats you are entitled to will be based on your highest ranked purchase.


Q: If accounts are cancelled or customers break the term of their agreement, will the tickets go to the Jets Wait List or be offered to the current package holders who want to upgrade?

A: In the event that season seat packages become available during the 2016-2017 season, the seat will be made available for purchase to the Jets Wait List.


Q: My friend put down a Jets Wait List subscription on my behalf, how can I get the benefits?

A: Benefits are for the account holder only and cannot be transferred with the exception of immediate family members.


Q: How many Jets Wait List spots can I purchase?

A: A maximum of four (4) Jets Wait List seats can be held by an individual.

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