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Little Ducks Hockey Initiation FAQs

Section 1 - Registration and Program Information

The National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players' Association have identified the need for a unified growth strategy as a priority for the sport of hockey. As a result, the Learn to Play Initiative (LTP), a joint National Hockey League Players' Association and National Hockey League (NHLPA/NHL) grassroots hockey initiative was created to offer more families an opportunity to see what makes youth hockey great. For potential first time participants to the sport, this program changes the way hockey is offered to inspire new families to join the hockey community and provide an age-appropriate program based on the latest child development research.

The Little Ducks Hockey Initiation Program is a six week introduction to hockey program. Participants will receive six hours of instruction on ice as well as a voucher, redeemable at any of our retailers for a free set of hockey equipment for the participant to keep. The voucher includes all equipment necessary in order to participate, thus should be redeemed before the start of the program. The program is six weeks long, with classes running once a week for one hour at a set day and time. The cost of the program is $150.

The program is taught by USA Hockey certified coaches, who will guide the participants through age appropriate activities in a safe and fun way. The program also features surprise visits from Ducks alumni to help the players develop their love for the sport. The Anaheim Ducks youth hockey program, consisting of The Rinks, the Anaheim Junior Ducks and the Lady Ducks, has earned designation as a USA Hockey Model Association.

For participants between the ages of four and eight, the mandatory USA Hockey Membership is included in the registration. Participants between the ages of nine and twelve will have to register for a USA Hockey membership here.

It is important to note that participants who have completed Learn to Play are still eligible for Little Ducks Hockey Initiation.

For children over the age of twelve, The Rinks offers a variety of youth hockey programs. More information can be found at

Boys and girls ranging from ages four to twelve are eligible to participate in the Little Ducks Hockey Initiation. The program is for participants with limited hockey experience only. First-time participants are those participants who have not previously been registered in a USA Hockey or Hockey Canada sanctioned minor hockey program.

Participants are required to have some skating ability. We offer many ways to get the skating experience needed including public skating sessions and the Learn to Skate and Learn to Play programs.

It is important to note that participants who have completed Learn to Play are still eligible for Little Ducks Hockey Initiation.

For children over the age of twelve, The Rinks offers a variety of youth hockey programs. More information can be found at

The Learn to Play program is a four week introduction to the sport. The program is brought to you by Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, and provides participants who are new to the sport the chance to try hockey for free. Participants will be given a full set of hockey equipment to borrow for the duration of the program. Participants will also receive a jersey and stick to keep following the completion of the program.

The Little Ducks Hockey Initiation is a six week paid program that introduces participants who are comfortable on the ice to hockey. Upon registration, participants receive a voucher for a free set of Bauer hockey equipment that is theirs to keep. The gear can be picked up at MonkeySports Superstore. The kit includes all the equipment that participants will need to play hockey- including skates. Participants will have to purchase hockey socks.

Participants who are brand new to both hockey and skating are eligible for the Learn to Play program. Participants comfortable skating, but have not been introduced to hockey yet are eligible for the Little Ducks Hockey Initiation. For more information on the appropriate skillset for each of our programs, please see our hockey development flow chart.

The Little Ducks program is offered at each of our four ICE facilities: The Rinks- Anaheim ICE, The Rinks- Lakewood ICE, The Rinks- Westminster ICE and The Rinks- Yorba Linda ICE and available at select partner rinks in the Orange County and San Diego area. The program is offered throughout the year. We are constantly adding new dates and locations. Please visit the registration page to stay up to date on all times and locations.

We have waitlists for all Little Ducks programs. If you are interested in a program that is full, please sign up for the waitlist. We will contact participants on the waitlist as new spots open up. Additionally, we will email families on the waitlist if we schedule additional dates and times. For the most up to date list of sessions please visit our registration page.

If you signed up for the same dates and times then yes. The registration splits the program into two separate age categories because of the USA Hockey membership that is included with the program for children 9 and under. All participants will be on the ice at the same time. Coaches may split the class into groups for some of the drills based on age and skill.

USA Hockey is the National Governing body for youth hockey in the United States. Registration with the governing body is included in the Little Ducks program, and is valid for the current youth hockey season. Upon enrolling in your next hockey program beyond the current playing season, standard fees will apply. The participant must be registered with the national governing body as they provide a number of resources to the program including; age-appropriate training modules and practice plans, coaching certification, background screening and insurance for all Learn to Play participants. USA Hockey memberships are included in the cost of the program for children ages 4 to 8. Children 9 to 12 will need to register for their USA Hockey membership here.

You will receive a confirmation email the week prior to session's start date with more information for both Learn to Play and Little Ducks Hockey Initiation. If you are registered for a program and do not receive confirmation seven days before the start of the program please contact:

We understand that schedules may change. We will happily hold registrations for a later session of Little Ducks Hockey Initiation if the session you registered for no longer works for your schedule. Please note that we are unable to issue refunds after equipment vouchers have been redeemed and funds cannot be transferred to other programs.

Section 2 - Equipment

Upon registering for Little Ducks Hockey Initiation, equipment vouchers will be available for pick up the rink you are participating at. Vouchers can picked up at the program office during business hours. Most rinks are open 9am to 9pm every day. You can always call the rink to confirm hours.

The gear package includes shin guards, pants, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, a helmet, skates and a bag. A stick and jersey are also included, but are distributed at the rink on the first day of class. Please note that hockey socks are not included in the package at this time.

Little Ducks hockey equipment can be picked up at MonkeySports Superstore in Irvine. Be sure to check their website for more information including store hours. You must present your voucher at the time of redemption. The retail staff are very familiar with the program and will help the participant get fitted and answer any questions you might have about the sport. For those participants that first take part in the Learn to Play program, the stick you received on the first day will be the stick you use for the Little Ducks program. For those that did not participate in the Learn to Play program, sticks will be distributed on-site before the first session. The hockey jersey will be distributed on-site before the first session.

Please keep in mind that your voucher does not include stick tape, sock tape or a mouth guard. You may purchase these items for additional cost if you are interested in doing so. These items are not required for the program however you will need to purchase a pair of hockey socks.

Don't panic! Ask as many questions as you like when you go to pick up your equipment from one of our retailers. Additionally we will have staff on hand that can help you with any questions you might have. Furthermore, other parents are a great resource! We want to make your hockey experience as easy as possible, so please take advantage of the resources available.

It is best to wear snug, comfortable clothes that are easy to move in under your hockey equipment. Some players like wearing long sleeves and long pants, others like short sleeves and shorts. It's totally up to the player, and it might take some time to learn what works well for you. Not only are you learning how to play hockey, but you are learning how the equipment works too. Don't forget to bring socks. Hockey socks do not cover the player's foot. (If the player's ankles are irritated you may want to try long socks with either tights or shorts, and if the player's elbows are irritated by the elbow pad strap you can try wearing a long sleeve shirt.)

We will have a small amount of hockey equipment on hand to borrow until you are able to get your own equipment. Please contact us at if you will require equipment to borrow at least three days in advance. On the first day, come at least an hour early if you are borrowing our equipment.

Note: We require a $250 deposit if you are borrowing equipment from us. We accept credit cards and checks. The deposit will only be charged in the event that we do not get our equipment back. You credit card will not be charged without notice.

Section 3 -First class and Session Information

Participants will be able to go on the ice promptly at your designated start time. Please arrive in enough time to ensure that your child is able to get onto the ice on time. Be aware that it can take longer than expected to get your child dressed, especially in the first few sessions. It is recommended that you arrive 30-60 minutes prior to start time for your first on-ice session to provide enough time for your child to check-in, pick up your Little Ducks Hockey Initiation jersey and get dressed before taking to the ice. If you have not picked up your equipment yet, please arrive one hour early so our staff can get you fitted with equipment to borrow.

For the first week of the program please plan on arriving early so you have time to check in and put your gear on. Jerseys will be distributed on the first day of the session, as well as sticks for those that did not previously participate in the Learn to Play program. Participants should ensure that they have all of their equipment including their jersey and stick. Remember that hockey socks do not cover your foot so make sure that you wear or bring a pair of socks. Please bring anything you require while being physically active including but not limited to a water bottle, a towel or medication.

Please arrive at the appropriate rink on your first day. If you need help finding where we are set up, you can ask at the front office of each facility. After you check in and collect your jersey, a Rinks representative will let you know what dressing rooms are open for use. Once the participant is ready, they can wait by the rink. Please wait for the coaches before going on the ice at the beginning of the program.

No, parents are not allowed on the ice with the kids. Parents can skate with their children during public skating times. Each of our facilities offer public skating times. For more information please see the facility website.

For adults looking to get involved in hockey, The Rinks offers a variety of adult programs as well. For more information, click here.

Section 4 - In-Session Questions

Yes. We will have a representative on-site, running check in every week. Please ensure that you check in.

No you do not. If you miss the first week, do not worry. You will be able to pick up your jersey on-site, before the second session.

We do not prorate for this program. We may be able to offer make-up classes in some circumstances. However, it is up to the hockey coordinator to determine if there is a possible make-up day and time based on other programming. It is important to note that a make-up class is not guaranteed. The staff will try their best to accommodate whenever possible.

Additionally, there are other ways to make up for missing time on the ice. We offer public skating and open stick times at all of our facilities, available at an additional cost. You can check for a location near you at

Please keep in mind that you are only allowed to participate in the Little Ducks Hockey Initiation Program once. Click here for more information on youth hockey development progressions.

It is important to keep your skates in good condition. Please ensure that you only walk on the rubber mats in your skates. Concrete and other surfaces can be very damaging to the blades. It is also important to dry your skates off after you use them- a towel works great. Our retailers have towels, skate guards and laces available for purchase to help keep your skates in good condition.

Your hockey socks and jersey can be washed with like colors.

After a hockey session, you should open your hockey equipment to allow it to dry properly.

Section 5 - Next Steps and Other Opportunities for Hockey

Coaches and other staff members will be available to discuss next steps as the program ends. It is best to wait until the program is nearing the end before choosing a next step, as skill levels may develop quickly. The following flow chart outlines potential opportunities to continue in hockey.

Yes. For more program information please visit

For participants looking to become more comfortable on the ice, we offer skating lessons at our facilities. Additionally, the Rinks offer daily public skating sessions across our ice facilities.

Yes, The Rinks offers programs for adults of all skill levels. We offer a free three week Adult Learn to Play program on both the ice and inline side. We hold clinics to develop skills and run leagues for all skill levels. For more information on adult hockey leagues please visit

Yes. The Rinks has a street hockey and ice hockey program for participants with special needs, called Top Flight. For more information on the program please click here.

Section 6 - Contact Information

For updated information regarding specific facility schedules please contact the program office at the appropriate facilities.

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