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Little Ducks

The Little Ducks program is a paid, six-week program that will provide new players with on-ice sessions with professional coaches and Anaheim Ducks alumni! The Little Ducks program was developed as part of the National Hockey League's Learn to Play initiative, the joint effort by the NHL & NHL Players' Association (NHLPA) to make hockey more accessible.

Yes, hockey is fun
Yes, hockey builds physical skills & coordination
Yes, hockey is a great family activity you & your child can enjoy together

But there's a lot more to hockey
Hockey builds confidence & character
Hockey teaches teamwork & sportsmanship
Hockey is membership in a community that lasts for life

Please read through our FAQ for important program information before registering.

Click here to let our alumni show you how to put on your new equipment!

Children under 9 (2008-2015), click here; Children ages 10-12, click here.