Day one of the draft didn't have any trades, but the Devils did draft a big defenseman in Anton Silayev 10th overall who many projected to go anywhere from second to fifth. The NHL also announced the first six players for each of the teams participating in next February's 4 Nations Cup. Expect plenty of Devils participation at the event, but none have been named as of yet. 

Silayev after the Devils picked him 10th at the Draft

Devils Select Anton Silayev 10th Overall

The Devils selected Anton Silayev 10th overall in the 2024 NHL Draft, bringing in a highly touted defenseman known for his impressive combination of size, mobility, and defensive acumen. Many had projected Silayev to go in the top five with some scouts thinking he could go as high as second.

Standing at 6'7" and weighing 211 pounds, Silayev has been a standout player in the KHL with Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod. This season, he notched 11 points in 63 games, showcasing his ability to play against men in one of the world's top professional leagues at just 17 years old.

The Devils select Anton Silayev in the First Round

Silayev's skating ability is exceptional for a player of his stature. He moves smoothly across the ice, demonstrating excellent agility and edge work, which allows him to maintain good gap control and transition effectively from defense to offense. His long strides give him significant top-end speed, making him capable of defending against fast-paced opponents and carrying the puck up the ice confidently. His defensive game is highlighted by his physicality and disciplined play, often using his size and reach to disrupt opponents and protect the defensive zone.

Despite his current focus on defensive play, Silayev has shown potential on the offensive end as well. He handles the puck well under pressure and makes smart outlet passes to start the transition game. His wrist shot from the point is both hard and accurate, though he primarily uses his mobility to create shooting and passing lanes. With further development and added strength, Silayev could become a more significant offensive contributor in the future.

Behind the scenes look at Anton Silayev's draft night

'First Six' Announced for 4 Nations Cup

To kick off the first day of the NHL Draft, the NHL announced six players for each of the four participating countries at the 4 Nations Cup: Sweden, Finland, USA and Canada. 

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