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Radko Gudas on his Trade to Washington

Gudas spoke to the media Tuesday through teleconference about his trade to the Caps

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The Washington Capitals announced on June 14 they had acquired defenseman Radko Gudas from the Philadelphia Flyers in exchange for defenseman Matt Niskanen. Gudas participated in a media teleconference on Tuesday to discuss the trade.

(On his reaction to the trade)

"I was a little bit shocked to be honest, but when I heard where I'm going, I was pretty happy that I got traded to a team that's well known for their winning and for their will to win every game they play. I'm really excited to play with a couple of my countrymen. As I soaked it in more I got more excited."

(On his relationship with fellow Czech Capitals players)

"I played with all the guys throughout the years that I played in the league. With Michal, I used to play with him in the national team. We were the same age. So we played for some important games together I think in youth and with Jakub, I know him from those national teams a little bit, I think we hit it off pretty well. So looking forward to working with him too."

(On what he can bring to the team)

"Obviously you guys know that I'm playing physical hockey and I'm also the player, when it gets to thinking who to pass. So the first pass to the first open man, pushing away from your own net, a good PK, those are the things that I'm focused on throughout the season. So basically I want to help the offense as well. I think I can help and work well with the team, going to work my back off and do anything they need me to do on the team. I'm not picky to play a role or not. I'm just accepting what it is when it's a well oiled machine. So that's what I'm looking forward to do."

(On his physicality in games)

"It's obviously tough and lengthy in the last few years [suspensions], but I worked on it in the summer and I thought I adjusted my game enough to still play physical enough but not be a liability for my team. So it's always just something hard to adjust. But like you know sometimes you still have to do it. It's our job but if you don't hurt the team that you're playing for while playing that's a where you can find a good player."

(On the Caps Stanley Cup potential)

"They're the winners from last year. They were the contenders this year. You know, they always have a good team there. They are in the playoffs every year, I want to bring my simple game and the guys to know what to expect from me and knowing that I'll be there for them in the back. It's something that I'm trying to put into my teammates mind. They know what to expect from me and I know that I'll be there in the back there for them. So that's the main thing. That's my main message for my teammates obviously. I'll try to help the Russian, you know, help some offensive. It's always nice to get a goal as well. But you know, I've been used to more defensive role so that's what it was for me lately, the last few years."

Click here for the full audio of the Radko Gudas teleconference.

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