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Fort Nucks: NHL Network

...Boeser & Horvat knock it out of the park

by Derek Jory @NoJoryous / Canucks writer

Sunday afternoon Brock Boeser took the puck from centre ice, skated in on Henrik Lundqvist and scored on the former Vezina winner with ease.  

Monday afternoon, as Boeser walked out of practice towards a black SUV that would take him and Bo Horvat to the NHL Network heardquarters in Secaucus, New Jersey, he was frazzled.

"Do I have to talk?" he asked. 

"Yes..." I replied. 

"Ah man, what do I say? How's my hair? I hope they have a make-up person to make me look good. My hair is bad and this beard - or whatever it is on my face - is embarrassing. These sideburns too. Ugh." 

"Brock," I said, "yesterday you scored what was almost the shootout winner in front of nearly 18,000 people and countless more watching on TV. Now all you have to do is a live interview with Bo and you're nervous??" 

"Wait - it's LIVE??" 

And so began our visit to the NHL Network studios, which shares a building with the MLB Network. Lisa Litvack, Production Manager for MLB/NHL Network, was quick to greet us and lead a tour that would end with Boeser and Horvat doing a 10-minute live interview. 

The highlight of the tour was a mini-baseball field at Studio 42 where the guys blew off some steam taking turns hitting wiffle balls and pitching to one-another.  

A few homeruns and the nerves were long gone, although Boeser was still concerned about the Flow. Like a good friend and teammate, Horvat was there with a brush and some hairspray to lend a hand. 

Tweet from @Canucks: The Flow is now ready. @NHLNetwork interview up next!

The Flow was fierce when Boeser and Horvat joined NHL Tonight, hosted by Jackie Redmond, alongside E.J. Hradek and Mike Johnson. 

Video: Boeser / Horvat Play Baseball at NHL Network Studios

Both Boeser and Horvat were buzzin' on the ride back to New York, both saying they'd happily be on NHL Tonight any night. Boeser took things one-step further. 

"I'd love to be on Ellen someday. I love that show, she's so good. Hilarious" 

"You'd have to play up the Prince Charming thing a bit more," laughed Horvat. 

"Sure," laughed Boeser. "And you can be Shrek!" 

"I'd rather be donkey," replied Horvat. 

Prince Charming and Donkey on Ellen? Dare to dream.

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