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Blog Boeser, Vol 7

...Boeser checks in from Ottawa.

by Brock Boeser @BBoeser16 / Vancouver Canucks

Hey guys! 

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, all my energy and focus was on the start of the season and picking up where I left off from last year. We're obviously not happy about how we've started this year, but it's early and the best is yet to come. Hopefully that starts tonight in Ottawa.

We're at the start of our first road trip of the year, five games in Ottawa, Boston, Buffalo, Detroit and Minnesota (yes!); of those cities, Ottawa is actually the only one I'd never been to before. It's beautiful, as expected!

We got into Ottawa Sunday, just in time to catch the end of the afternoon NFL games. We had a team dinner that night, watching the night Giants at Broncos game, while playing some shuffleboard. Stecher and I beat Jake and Ben, not that it was hard! I also got a win in fantasy football this week after making some stealth line-up decisions. Ingram was a stud for me, as was Fuller. GM of the Week. I'm only 1-5 this year, but things are looking up!!

It's fun being back on the road, there's a lot more time for bonding with teammates. I'm rooming with Stecher and we get along swimmingly. We watched the new Spiderman movie last night, it's awesome, and we're caught up on Riverdale too. Season 2 just started; great show.

As you can see from the photo above, I haven't stopped exploring Vancouver! My older brother Paul and his wife Melissa were in town recently and we trekked up Grouse Mountain and did some zip lining in the snow. What an experience! We also checked out the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park and my knees are still a little wobbly from that. The bridge was scary, but you've just got to go for it. The cliff walk, that's another story. Way worse than the bridge!

We get back from this trip late on the 24th, and then Halloween is right around the corner. I've been racking my brain trying to come up with a costume and I've got nothing. I need some help! I've seen the photos of me looking like the evil Prince Charming in Shrek - that's not happening. If you have a good costume idea, comment below! If I end up using your suggestion, a signed puck is coming your way!

Go Canucks!


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