Meet Victor

VIC Get to Know Promo

Full Name: Victor E. Green

Height: 84 pucks

Birthplace: A galaxy far, far away

Roommate: The Zamboni

Relationship Status: Alienated

Favorite Place: On the ice or in the stands with Stars fans

Favorite Color: Victory Green

Favorite Book: Z is for Zamboni

Favorite Movies: "E.T.", "Monsters Inc.", "Wall-E"

Likes: Hugs, high fours, space, Stars fans

Dislikes: Sharks, ducks and the color blue

Connect With Vic


Victor E. Green would love to meet you, your family, and all your friends! Thank you for your interest in including him at your special event. For more information, including package options, terms and conditions, and to apply for an appearance, please click the button below.

In-game Seat Visit

The purchase of a Vic Visit includes an in-seat surprise from the mascot, a Stars' swag pack, and a custom commemorative puck! This experience has limited availability and must be booked prior to puck drop. We will provide an SMS (text message) update and approximately 5-minute head's up when Victor E. Green and crew are en route to your seats.

Kid's Club

Vic's Kids are the coolest kids in the NHL for becoming a part of the official Dallas Stars Kid's Club!