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Scott Hamilton Invitational

We are proud to award the second annual Scott Hamilton Novice Men Development Award at this year's Scott Hamilton Invitational. Novice Men was a pivotal point in Scott's career and he strongly believes ALL Novice Men (no matter what place they end up) should be honored with their names on a plaque. 

"Novice men is where my heart is. The greatest achievement in my career came out of massive underachieving at the Novice Men's level. We celebrate the victors and doubly celebrate those learning from defeat, being strengthened by it & understanding where they need to go!" Scott Hamilton 

Icemen, you heard straight from an Olympic Champion. To make it in this sport you need to train, you need to compete, but you also need to GROW. Scott Hamilton Invitational is offering you not only the chance to compete against skaters from across the country, but an unprecedented evaluation of component marks and technical marks from our esteem panel of officials whom will offer up critiques and knowledge to all of the competitors in this event in an atmosphere that is friendly, fun and most importantly catered to your development as an elite athlete. It's a pivotal point, you've made it this far - now take it further. Scott's got your back!