Dreams Begin Here

Welcome to the wonderful world of figure skating competitions! Skating does so much for kids. It teaches discipline, focus, organization of time, thoughts, and body awareness.

Competitions are not a requirement of skating. However, competitions can be fun and very motivating because they provide an excellent opportunity for skaters to be creative, practice skills and presentation techniques, and learn good sportsmanship. It gives them character, focus, determination toughness and inner strength. The rewards are great and the life lessons on preparing them both physically and mentally will be carried with them through their lifetime!

At competitions skaters have an opportunity to assess their abilities compared to others in the same level by presenting a skating program. Our coaches are anxious and ready to guide our mini dreamers!


Important Dates:

Event Date: Sunday, March 10, 2024

Registration Deadline: Sunday, Feb. 25, 2024


First Event: $45

Second Event: $25

Third Event: $25

Practice Ice Session: $20 per session

*If not current LTSUSA Member add $27 SHSA Membership


We're happy to help. Please reach out to Paula Trujillo with any questions you may have prior to the competition.

[email protected]