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Transfer Policy

Transfer applications and related inquiries may only be made by a Primary Account Holder named in a Seat Holder Agreement or an authorized representative of the Primary Account Holder (the "Transferor").

An example of an authorized representative in the case of an individual Transferor could be the executor of an estate or someone holding Power of Attorney on behalf of that individual. If the Transferor is a corporation, an authorized representative will typically be an officer of the corporation granted such authority by a resolution of the directors of the corporation.

A Transfer Application Form must be completed by both the Transferor and the proposed Transferee. If you are transferring all of your Season Tickets, the proposed Transferee must also agree to enter into a new Ticket Purchase Agreement. If you are transferring some but not all of your Season Tickets, both you as the Transferor and the proposed Transferee must agree to enter into new Seat Holder Agreements.

Subject to the approval of a completed Transfer Application Form (and subsequent Seat Holder Agreement(s)) by Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club Limited Partnership (the "Team") in its sole discretion, the rights and obligations of a Primary Account Holder may be transferred to the following qualifying Transferees:

If the Transferor is an Individual:

  1. To an immediate family member, which includes a spouse, parent, child, sibling or grandchild (provided that such family member is over the age of eighteen (18) at the time the Transfer Application Form is submitted to the Team).
  2. Upon divorce or separation, the Team will honor a court order or the terms of a Separation Agreement authorizing the transfer of the Season Tickets from one party to the other.
  3. Upon the death of a Primary Account Holder, the Team will honor the disposition of the Season Tickets as reflected in a Grant of Probate or such other documentation as the Team may determine to be acceptable from time to time, in its sole discretion.

If the Transferor is a Corporation:

  1. To a shareholder, officer or director of the corporation upon presentation of appropriate legal documentation or such other documentation as the Team may require in its sole discretion.
  2. In the event of a bankruptcy or other involuntary dissolution of the corporation, the Seat Holder Agreement and all the rights granted to the corporation thereunder shall revert to the Team.

The deadline for submitting a Transfer Application Form in any given year shall be March 1. Any transfer applications submitted after March 1 will be held on file and considered the following year.

A Ticket Purchase Agreement may only be voluntarily transferred once during the Term.

The Transferor will be required to pay an administrative fee of $250.00 per seat in the event that their transfer application is approved.

In the event that any transfers or attempted transfers of a Seat Holder Agreement are made under false pretenses or in an attempt to circumvent the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club Policy on Transfer of Season Tickets, as determined in the sole discretion of the Team, the Team may treat such activity as an event of default and shall be entitled to all rights and remedies referenced in the Seat Holder Agreement including, but not limited to, termination of the Seat Holder Agreement and retention of the Deposit (as defined in the Seat Holder Agreement).


Click HERE to view Transfer Policy FAQ's.


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