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Season Seat Share Partners

Season Seat Holders have the ability to add Season Seat Share Partners to their associated accounts. While the Primary Account Holder always retains full ownership of all season seats, this feature will allow registered Share Partners to take advantage of a wide array of benefits and functionality.

Who is your Share Partner?

A season seat partner of yours with whom you have, or will, transfer a minimum of 9 games from your Season Seat Account in any given season, may be designated as a Share Partner. The Share Partner program is a convenient and efficient program for Primary Account Holders and Share Partners alike and provides for personalized account management for all of your ticketing requirements. The registering of a Share Partner(s) is optional; however we would encourage all Primary Account Holders to register eligible Share Partners to qualify for all program benefits.

Registering a Share Partner

As a Primary Account Holder you may now choose to formally register your Share Partner(s). By doing so your eligible Share Partner(s) will receive their own personal Jets Pass Share Partner card. To register your Share Partner(s) log in to your Jets Rewards account by clicking the link below. Once logged in follow the prompts to register your Share Partner(s). Your Share Partner(s) will be automatically sent an invitation to register. Once accepted, they will be added as an official Share Partner to your Winnipeg Jets Account.

Register your share partner here.

Share Partner Request to Register

As someone who receives a minimum of 9 games in any given season from a Primary Account Holder, you may request that your Primary Account Holder add you as an official Winnipeg Jets Share Partner. To make this request, click the link below and follow the prompts. The Primary Account holder will receive a notification and at their option may confirm you as an official Share Partner eligible for all program benefits.

Share Partner benefits include:

  • A Jets Pass issued exclusively to registered Share Partners which may be used to gain access to Winnipeg Jets regular season home games
  • Enrollment in the Jets Rewards loyalty program
  • Ability to sell seats on the Jets SeatExchange
  • Ability to Forward, Donate or Re-Print seats using the Winnipeg Jets Account Manager
  • 15% off discount at all Jets Gear locations

Transferring Seats to a Share Partner

There is no change as to how Primary Account Holders transfer seats to a Share Partner. The Primary Account Holder will still need to choose "Transfer to a Friend" as the action. Do not choose the action "Transfer to a Card" as this is only for a Registered Share Partner to load games on to their own Share Partner Jets Pass. Once the Share Partner is officially registered, a Share Partner Jets Pass will be sent via mail to the address on the Share Partner's account. Upon receiving the Jets Pass in the mail the Share Partner will need to login to Winnipeg Jets Account Manager and transfer seats to the Jets Pass.

Click here for the Step by Step Process.

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