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Individual Game Pricing

Game Category Breakdown

The Winnipeg Jets will once again be employing a variable pricing model for individual game tickets this season. A variable model means that certain games are priced differently than others. Games are divided into three categories… 'A' games, 'B' games and 'C' games.

'A' games are deemed to be the most popular, while 'C' games provide a bit more value.

All individual game tickets will be priced based on the following grid (not including the service charges or facility fees):


Individual game pricing for 2017-18 Season will be released fall of 2017.


2016-17 Individual Game Pricing


Category A Games B Games C Games
LOGE $221.50 $194.00 $173.00
P1 $235.50 $206.00 $184.00
P2 $208.00 $182.00 $162.50
P3 $171.25 $150.00 $133.75
P4 $144.00 $126.00 $112.50
P5 $116.50 $102.00 $91.00
P6 $98.25 $86.00 $76.75
P7 $71.00 $62.00 $55.50
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