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Accepting Seats on Mobile

You can accept a transfer of seats using your mobile device. You will receive an automatic email offer when someone transfers seats to you.


Review the seat information in the alert notification email to make sure it is correct. Press Accept at the bottom of the email. A new browser window will open in your mobile device, bringing you to the Winnipeg Jets Mobile Account Manager login screen.

You will be required to log in to complete the transfer. You may press 'Forgot your password' and the system will email you a temporary password.

If you select Remember Me, Mobile will store only the email address you are using to sign in. For security purposes it will not store your password information.

Step 1


Press the yellow Alert icon from the top menu bar. Press the downward arrow to access the DECLINE OFFER and ACCEPT OFFER buttons. You can review the offer and Accept the seats onto your account. Select Add to Account as the delivery method, then press Accept to continue.

Step 2


After you have reviewed and agreed to the Terms of Use, press Transfer to complete the transfer of seats to your account.

Once the seats are on your account, you are not required to take any further action. Later on, at your convenience, you may choose to print-at-home using desktop Winnipeg Jets Account Manager or you can use your mobile device to display a barcode for entry to Bell MTS Place.

Step 3
Managing Your Account
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