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My first NHL Camp ... Ronnie Attard

Follow the Flyers 3rd round draft pick, Ronnie Attard, who will be keep an exclusive blog on throughout his first NHL camp this week.

by Ronnie Attard @ronnieattard

Day 1: A whole new world

Well what a couple of days it's been since draft!

Tweet from @NHLFlyers: He just can���t stop smiling. 😁 @ronnieattard | #NHLDraft

Once I left the rink, I went out to the dinner with my family. I had a flight at 7 o'clock so I had to pack all my stuff from the hotel. Here's how it went:

- Go to the restaurant and eat with my family. 
- Get picked up by the cab from the restaurant and go straight to the airport. 
- Got to stop home for 30 minutes... Home is Michigan, by the way.
- Grab my skates, a couple changes of clothes and right back to airport to come here. 

That's a pretty quick turnaround but it's good.

The flight was good. Nice and short and I slept the whole time. I need to catch up after all that. When I landed here, I got picked up by the shuttle with a bunch of the guys and came to the rink and dropped some stuff off. Then back to the hotel, got settled in, met my roommate and went right to bed. I was still really tired from the trip.


I didn't know my roommate, but we're in the same draft class - it's Roddy Ross.

Back here at the rink for Day 1, it was just meetings and off-ice stuff. This facility though - it's unbelievable. I couldn't believe that it was just their practice facility at first. Everything is top notch. I'm just happy to be here and be a part of this week.

I know Wade Allison because he is going to Western Michigan and that's where I will be attending in the fall. Other than that, I don't really know anyone. My expectations are just to come here and get better. Show everyone what kind of player I'm about and the personality I have. Get to know everybody off the ice. Just be here and have a great week.

We had an opening meeting where we had to pair up with everyone and I met Isaac Ratcliffe. He's from London, Ontario. Got to chat with him for a little bit. His secret talent is he knows how to play the piano. That was an interesting thing to find out. He doesn't really look like a piano guy, but I guess it is.

Then we all went to Top Golf for dinner and a team activity. That was awesome. I grew up playing golf. My whole family plays but the last couple years I haven't had a lot of time to get out, I've been pretty busy, so last night my score didn't reflect on how good of a golfer I really am, ha!

Yorkie [Cam York] was killing it. He's a natural at top golf - it was a pretty impressive performance. We had a lot of fun.

That's it for my first day. Looking forward to getting on the ice on Tuesday and I'll catch up with everyone later. Thanks for following along!

- Ronnie

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