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Governors & Alternate Governors

Chairman & CEO of Comcast Spectacor, Governor Dave Scott
President, Business Operations, Alternate Governor Valerie Camillo
President, Hockey Operations & General Manager, Alternate Governor Chuck Fletcher
EVP, Administration and Chief Legal Counsel, Alternate Governor Phil Weinberg
Executive Assistant to Dave Scott Janine Gussin
Executive Assistant to Valerie Camillo Tammi Zlatkowski
Executive Assistant to Chuck Fletcher Susan Papaneri
Position Name

Comcast Spectacor

SVP, Legal & General Counsel John Master
SVP, Legal & Deputy General Counsel Betsy McGill
VP, Legal & Risk Management Laurie Kleinman
Administrative Manager Frani Scheidly
Position Name

Business Operations

EVP, Chief Business Officer Mike Shane
SVP Chief Financial Officer Blair Listino
SVP, Wells Fargo Center General Manager Phil Laws
VP, Human Resources Lauren McNally
VP, Business Administration Cynthia Punsalan
VP, Communications Sean Coit
Position Name


Position Name
Radio Play-By-Play Tim Saunders
Radio Color Commentary Steve Coates
Play-By-Play Announcer Jim Jackson
Color Analyst Keith Jones

Business Analytics & Strategy

Vice President, Business Strategy & Analytics Sam Ebb
Director, Ticket Market Strategy James Darlington
Manager, Business Strategy & Analytics Brendan Stone
Manager, Data Engineering Patrick Dornan
Business Analyst John Anderson
CRM Coordinator Dakota Marshall
Position Name


Senior Director, Communications Zack Hill
Director, Communications Meghan Flanagan
Director, Public Relations Joe Siville
Manager, Communications Shannon Rostick
Coordinator, Communications Kate Kizitaff
Position Name

Corporate Partnerships

Director, Partnership Activation Steve Coskey
Director, Partnership Analytics & Strategy Davey Chadwick
Senior Manager, Partnership Activation Taylor Kennedy
Manager, Partnership Activation Sarah Lynch
Manager, Partnership Activation Doug Porzio
Sales Executive Dan Ryan
Coordinator, Advertising Sales Support & Analyst Marcus Wong
Position Name


Director, Events Allison Walker
Senior Vice President, Events Emily Dunham
Vice President, Events Shannon Donnelly
Director, Booking Brett Reopell
VP, Booking Tina Suca
Coordinator, Comcast Spectacor Events Ashley Dowiak
Position Name

Fan Experience

Position Name
Senior Vice President, Business Operations & Executive Director, Flyers Charities Cindy Stutman
Director, Fan Experience Courtney Fedena
Director, Special Events Sarah Bosnjak
Coordinator, Fan Experience Jason Williams


Sr. Director, Finance and Business Technology Ryan Gillies
Director, Accounting Susan Calabrese
Sr. Manager, Accounting Mike Plunkett
Senior Accountant Cece Buck
Senior Accountant Josh Grover
Senior Accountant Ian Judge
Senior Accountant Dana Nesta
Financial Analyst Gina Mele
Staff Accountant Megan Gallagher
Staff Accountant Candy McKnight
Systems Accountant Jessica Vagnoni
Accounting Coordinator Jamie Rossi
Accounting Coordinator Kathy Wegfahrt
Position Name

Human Resources

HR Manager Ashley Coffin
HR Coordinator Olivia Marshall
Position Name


Position Name
Senior Vice President, Marketing Mark Zarthar
Senior Director, Marketing Georgieann Michels
Senior Manager, Marketing Meghan Carrigan
Manager, Advertising Ben DiCandilo
Manager, Marketing Elena Walsh
Manager, Email Marketing Kellie Barnes
Media Buyer Tricia Rellosa
Position Name
Sr. Director, Digital & Creative Content Christine Mina
Video Production Manager Max Farrara
Motion Graphics Designer Matt Stalker
Sr. Editor Lauren Tancredi
Video Production Coordinator John Feher
Producer/Editor Adam Fair
Videographer Ryan Haagen
Senior Graphic Designer Kait Messiner
Graphic Designer Hannah Pugh
Production Manager Joe Merwin
Senior Manager, Digital Media Brian Born
Manager, Digital Marketing Dennis Grove
Coordinator, Digital Media Regan Connaire
Coordinator, Creative Content Chris DelleMonache
In Game & Video Host Andrea Helfrich
Manager, Broadcast & Media Brian Smith Contributor Bill Meltzer
Flyers Broadcast Network Host Jason Myrtetus
Position Name


VP, Community Relations & Government Affairs Joe Meade
Director, Community Relations Jason Tempesta
Director, Alumni/Community Development Brad Marsh
Director, Community Development Bob Kelly
Manager, Youth & Amateur Hockey Rob Baer
Position Name
Senior Director, Event Presentation Tina DiVilio
Senior Producer Artie Halstead
Producer Justin Ott
Lighting Director Larry Barnes
Ross Xpressions Designer/Operator Hunter McGinnis
Coordinator, Game Presentation Audrey Fissel
Position Name


Position Name
Vice President, Ticketing Ilkka Kortesluoma
Director, Business Development Neil Hofman
Sr. Director, Group Sales Gabriele Bendistis
Sr. Account Executive, Group Events Zach Lehrbaum
Sr. Account Executive, Group Events Joe Rossi
Account Executive, Group Events Dan Pike
Account Executive, Group Events Joe Barlett
Account Executive, Group Events Ryan Mackey
Account Executive, Group Events Zach Werner
Account Executive, Group Events Austin Scitti
Account Executive, Group Events Grace Powers
Position Name
Manager, Inside Sales Pat Ayling
Sales Associate Christal Fisher
Sales Associate Nicholas Hoffman
Sales Associate Gabrielle Krajniak
Sales Associate Matt Shapiro
Sales Associate Mike Rice
Temp Inside Sales Representative Alyssa Argenio
Temp Inside Sales Representative Katie O'Sullivan
Temp Inside Sales Representative Luke Metten
Temp Inside Sales Representative Patrick Phelan
Temp Inside Sales Representative Caleb Sprangler
Position Name
Director, Membership Services & Retention Craig McClure
Sr. Account Executive, Memberships Dave Tierno
Sr. Account Executive, Memberships Chris O'Brien
Account Manager, Memberships Ben Gillespie
Account Manager, Memberships Elizabeth Di Berardino
Account Manager, Memberships James Zingarini
Account Manager, Memberships Julian Franklin
Account Manager, Memberships Ryan Hemsley
Account Manager, Memberships Vaughn Smith
Account Manager, Memberships Aubrey Syrek
Position Name
Director, Membership Sales David Sedei
Account Executive, Membership Sales Alex Boory
Account Executive, Membership Sales Andrew Barry
Account Executive, Membership Sales Angelo Pellegrini
Account Executive, Membership Sales Corey Gillmer
Account Executive, Membership Sales Jessica Beer
Account Executive, Membership Sales Jessica Cheer
Account Executive, Membership Sales Rory Houston
Account Executive, Membership Sales Sascha Touitou
Account Executive, Membership Sales Shawn Stefanski
Position Name
Senior Director, Premium Services Graig Selgrath
Director, Premium Sales Anthony Monaco
Sr. Manager, Premium Hospitality Chad Cavanaugh
Manager, Premium Hospitality Eric Stiles
Premium Seating Executive Brian Lucas
Premium Seating Executive Victor Pitts
Premium Seating Executive Alex Macy
Premium Sales Executive Rob Mansis
Premium Services Representative Brad Moss
Premium Services Representative Mallory Grey
Premium Services Representative Stephanie Nassib
Premium Services Representative Justin Rogers
Coordinator, Premium Sales & Services Stacey Murad
Administrative Assistant Jen Colonna
Position Name

Ticket Operations

Position Name
Vice President, Ticket Operations Dan McGinnes
Senior Director, Ticket Sales TJ Octavio
Director, Ticket Operations Anne Kyme
Manager, Ticket Operations Tyler Wolford
Manager, Ticket Services Tina Falcone
Manager, Ticket Services Adam Johnson
Manager, Box Office Linda Fleischer
Assistant Manager, Ticket Operations Kris Hourin
Assistant Manager, Ticket Operations Joe Piscopio
Assistant Manager, Ticket Services Jonelle Martin

Arena Operations

Vice President, Assistant General Manager Mike Sulkes
Director, Hospitality Mandy Bauer
Dr. Director, Events Blake Malcom
Director, Events Alyson Pane
Director, Events Connor Vanin
Director, Events Lyric Hamilton
Manager, Facilities Daniel Weber
Position Name


Director, Operations Ryan Hemenway
Director, Operations Arianna Alosi
Vice President, Operations Tim Allen
Manager, Engineering Chris Corey
Manager, Building Services JP Loggia
Ice Manager Chris Jennings
Manager, Building Services Jesse Vellucci
Superintendent, Operations Tony Bianco
Assistant Ice Manager Kevin Diamond
Sr. Director, Security and Parking Antonio Sciulli
Engineer Jon Greco
Engineer Glenn Dever
Manager, Procurement & Operations Karen Montagna
Manager, Operation Procurement and Payroll Kathleen Rafferty
Office Manager Dee Dowdney
Coordinator, Mail Room Gino Montanaro
Coordinator, Procurement Gabrielle Rosser
Coordinator, Logistics George Newell
Receiver Eric Jefferson
Sr. Manager, Changeover Ryan Taylor
Changeover Supervisor Dushyant Patel
Changeover Supervisor Matt Isard
Changeover Supervisor Lou Mancano
Changeover Supervisor Charles Conway
Building Services Superintendent Cassandra Shamberger
Building Services Superintendent Jarrel Ginyard
Building Services Superintendent Kevin Smith
Position Name

Flyers Charities

Senior Vice President, Business Operations & Executive Director, Flyers Charities Cindy Stutman
Director, Development Julia Dougherty
Development Coordinator Christine Sibley
Development Coordinator Maya Reddy
Position Name

Hockey Club Personnel

Position Name
Vice President & Assistant General Manager Barry Hanrahan
Vice President & Assistant General Manager Brent Flahr
Senior Advisor Paul Holmgren
Senior Advisor Bob Clarke
Senior Advisor Bill Barber
Senior Advisor Dean Lombardi
Head Coach Alain Vigneault
Assistant Coach Michel Therrien
Assistant Coach Mike Yeo
Assistant Coach Ian Laperriere
Goaltending Coach Kim Dillabaugh
Video Coach Adam Patterson
Assistant Video Coach Vinny Yula
Director of Medical Services Jim McCrossin
Assistant Athletic Trainer Sal Raffa
Head of Strength & Conditioning Chris Osmond
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Dan Warnke
Equipment Manager Harry Bricker
Equipment Manager Andy Rannells
Head Pro Scout Dave Brown
Pro Scout John Chapman
Pro Scout Ross Fitzpatrick
Pro Scout Alyn McCauley
Pro Scout Al Hill
College Scout Wade Clarke
Amateur Scout Mark Greig
Amateur Scout Joakim Grundberg
Amateur Scout Todd Hearty
Amateur Scout Ken Hoodikoff
Amateur Scout Dennis Patterson
Amateur Scout Rick Pracey
Amateur Scout Shane Fukushima
Amateur Scout Jan Slansky
Amateur Scout Martin Gendron
Player Development Kjell Samuelsson
Player Development John Riley
Player Development Nick Schultz
Skills Coach Angelo Ricci
Goaltender Development Coach Brady Robinson
Senior Director of Team Services Bryan Hardenbergh
Director, Hockey Information/Video Tom Minton
Director of Hockey Analytics Ian Anderson
Lead Developer Jacob Hurlbut
Analyst, Hockey Analytics Matthew Karliner
Assistant Equipment Manager Mike Craytor
Assistant Equipment Manager Anthony Oratorio
Assistant Equipment Manager Mike Lefczik
Executive Assistant to Hockey Operations Jody Clarke

Medical/Training Staff

Position Name
Head Team Medical Physician Gary Dorshimer, M.D.
Head Team Orthopaedic Surgeon Brian Sennett, M.D.
Assistant Team Internal Medicine Physician Rosemary Kearney, M.D.
Assistant Team Orthopaedic Surgeon James Carey, M.D.
Team Physician Guy Lanzi, D.M.D.
Team Physician David Kanze, D.O.
Dietician Nyree Dardarian
Massage Therapist Martin Roza

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