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Fort Nucks: Fight Night

...a knuckle sandwich memory from The Garden.

by Derek Jory @NoJoryous / Vancouver Canucks

Fitting this came up today, it's the mother of all throwback Thursdays.

Utica. 2015-16 season. Game day. Video session. X's and O's. The usual.

As Dan Cloutier, then goalie coach of the Comets, settled into his seat, a familiar clip began rolling and the team burst out laughing. Coach Travis Green had something different in mind to kick off the video meeting.

It was Cloutier. It was Green. It was November 15, 2003.

Watch: Youtube Video

"Look at Cloutier punching! Cloutier is punching Travis Green! Cloutier the Canucks goaltender is whaling away at Green! Dan Cloutier has just lost control!"

Seeing as how this took place at the TD Garden in Boston and we're currently at the TD Garden in Boston, coach Green was asked about this kerfuffle during his media availability this morning. He couldn't help but laugh.

"I remember it and I'm sure you've all seen it," he smiled. "I felt like I had 10 fists coming at me, and a couple of blockers. I think Cloutier had two blockers on."

Upon further review, I can confirm Cloutier only had one blocker on. It was his temper that was off.

"I was focused on the shot coming in and then all of the sudden someone was running me," said Cloutier, re-watching the fight alongside Canucks president Trevor Linden. "I thought he ran me and I wasn't standing for that."

Linden could barely contain his laughter.

"That's our coach Dan, and you're punching him!" he said, turning to Cloutier. "Why are you punching our coach Dan!"

Let the record show that Green hadn't run Cloutier, he was pushed into the Canucks goaltender by Todd Bertuzzi. Oops?!

Bertuzzi was given two minutes for interference, while Cloutier and Green were assessed two minutes each for roughing. They also received a hilarious memory they won't soon forget.

"Don't mess with Dan, that's what I learned from watching that!" laughed Linden.

Don't expect Round 2 anytime soon.

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