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Canucks beat the Flames in Game 7

...Pavel Bure scores the double-OT game-winner as Vancouver moves on

by Derek Jory @NoJoryous / Vancouver Canucks

We knew what the outcome would be, but that didn't make Sportsnet Pacific's replay of Game 7 between the Vancouver Canucks and Calgary Flames from the 1993-94 Quarter-Finals of the Stanley Cup playoffs any less thrilling.

For those who missed Sunday's replay, and perhaps weren't alive or were too young to watch the game live on April 30, 1994, here's how the game played out. I was 10-years-old and still remember this game like it was yesterday, so it was a thrill to cover it as if it were live.

Tweet from @Canucks: GAME ON!

Tweet from @Canucks: flames score#Canucks down 1-0 with 14:56 left in the 1st period.

Tweet from @Canucks: A power play goal from Bure, his second goal of the series, and it's a 1-1 game, mid-1st. 😅

Tweet from @Canucks: SCORES!! GEOFF COURTNALL!! 2-1 #CANUCKS!!

Tweet from @Canucks: #Canucks lead 2-1 after 20. Solid start to this Game 7!

Tweet from @Canucks: flames scoreIt's a 2-2 game, mid-2nd. 😐

Tweet from @Canucks: flames score#Canucks down 3-2 with 9:26 left in the 2nd. 😤

Tweet from @Canucks: To the 3rd we go, #Canucks down 3-2. Need this 👇

Tweet from @Canucks: Five minutes remaining in the 3rd...😬

Tweet from @Canucks: WE'RE ALIVE! Adams drives to the net and scores to tie the game 3������-3������ with 3:37 to play!

Tweet from @Canucks: WE���RE HEADED FOR A THIRD STRAIGHT OVERTIME GAME 😳Who scores the #Canucks game-winner?! 🤔

Tweet from @Canucks: ARE YOU KIDDING ME @1KIRKMCLEAN 🤯🤯🤯

Tweet from @Canucks: Because one #Canucks/Flames overtime wasn't stressful enough, let's play another! 🥵

Tweet from @Canucks: SCORES!!!! BURE ON A BREAKAWAY!!!! #CANUCKS WIN!!!!

Tweet from @Canucks: 🙌🙌🙌 🇷🇺🚀🚨 🙌🙌🙌

Tweet from @Canucks: After making 46 saves, including 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗦𝗮𝘃𝗲, we hear from @1kirkmclean 🔥

Tweet from @Canucks: "That was the biggest goal I've ever had in my life" - Bure 😎

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