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Bo's All-Star blog 2

First time all-star Bo Horvat checks in from Hollywood

by Bo Horvat @BoHorvat / Canucks all-star forward

What a day!

The NHL All-Star experience is awesome, and we've only had the appetizer. Today began with a nice breakfast with Holly before I met the media to discuss - wait for it - the all-star game! After that was over I got suited up and made my way to the Staples Center.

It was a little intimidating walking into a room of superstars. I've been starstruck a few times, but I feel like I belong. I've taken my game to another level this season and the skills competition was an opportunity to show that.

Mayyyybe next year!

The main event I took part in was the Fastest Skater contest and I was up against Patrik Laine. Going around the first corner, my skate hit the boards and it threw me off balance a bit. I had to work to catch up after that and they announced that I won, but then reversed that and gave it to Laine. Apparently you can't use your stick as leverage! But it was a good, tight race and he's a quick player.

I also tried my hand at the Four Line Challenge, shooting from one goal line, trying to score into a small hole in the opposing net down the ice. I wasn't even close, so I let Coyotes goaltender Mike Smith use my second shot AND HE DRAINED IT! I couldn't believe it, that was just incredible. We both looked at each other in shock and celebrated pretty hard. It was awesome.

The final event was a shootout that everyone took part in and I shot against Canadiens keeper Carey Price. I went in with decent speed and was trying to do my normal move and put in the top left corner and obviously Carey read me like a book. Nice save.

It was really cool taking part in this for the first time and I mean, seeing the speed of McDavid and the heavyweights blasting away in the hardest shot contest is awesome.

The other highlight of the day was meeting the one and only Snoop Dogg! He came in our dressing room pre-game and was talking to the all the guys; one of his guys asked if I wanted a picture. Of course I wanted a picture!

I plan on having a nice meal tonight with my family and before you know it, Sunday will be here and it's an early afternoon All-Star Game. There hasn't been any strategy talk yet, our plan of attack will be discussed tomorrow.

Thanks for all the positive comments in person and on social media, it means a lot to have your support!

All the best,


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