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Blog Boeser, Vol 5

Brock reveals details of his new routine and current hobbies.

by Brock Boeser @BBoeser16 / Canucks prospect

Hi Canucks fans, 

How gorgeous is Vancouver! The weather was beautiful yesterday, it's beautiful out today and it'll be beautiful out tomorrow. Beautiful. I had a chance to explore the city a bit last Friday, so Thatcher Demko and I rented bikes and road around the seawall. That was my first time and it was pretty cool. I didn't know it was that long of a bike ride, we were gassed pretty early. But once you get halfway, there's no going back, but we finished strong.

Any recommendations of other places to see or things to do in and/or around Vancouver? What's your favourite spot? Thatcher and I are always down to do some exploring, so comment below with suggestions. If not, well, we'll stick to our usual routine.

Thatcher and I fit well as roommates; he's an awesome guy and super nice. We both like to game, which has become a big part of our day-to-day, but we didn't have a system and I thought about shipping mine from back home, instead we just went and bought a new Xbox. NHL 18 is our game and we're working hard to get our ranking up, we're currently 150 in the world. The game just came out so it's not that hard to get up there, but we've been putting some work in. We've been gaming hard.

We've also been crushing episodes of The Blacklist, a crime action thriller, and it's awesome. We started last week and we're already 18 episodes deep. Our routine is now as follows: we play two NHL games, watch an episode of Blacklist, played a few games, go eat, come back and repeat. It's been amazing.

Guess what else has been amazing for me lately: fantasy football. Oh wait, I'm 0-and-3 and the arrow is still pointing down. My opponent had Gurley and Diggs this past week and both exploded for like 40 points each. Team Boeser remains winless. I might give up. I'm serious. I'm so rattled. Help!

Thursday is a game day for us with the Calgary Flames in town for our second last pre-season game. We then host Edmonton Saturday before hosting the Oilers again, but for real, to kick off the regular season October 7th. If I'm in the line-up, I've got two more games to continue proving I deserve to make this time, so hopefully I'm able to play my best. That will definitely involve trading some NHL 18 and Blacklist for sleep. I'm good with that of course.

Thanks for reading. I love the comments, so hit me with any questions you have!


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