Bruins Academy

Bruins Academy encourages positive youth development through the sport of hockey.

Youth Hockey

Bruins Academy offers a number of youth hockey programs throughout the year for kids of all ages. Develop your skills and bring your game to the next level through programs that create a strong ice hockey foundation with a focus on leadership, teamwork, and fun.


Being a great player is more than just physical work. At Bruins Academy, we know that school is also an important part of hockey development, because you learn to think critically and develop strong mental skills. Take part in a number of programs like our Curriculum, School Assembly Program, and many more.

The Show

Bruins Academy was created specifically for kids who love hockey! Hosted by Emmy award-winning sports personality Charlie Moore, Bruins Academy will take you up-close and personal with your favorite team.

Bruins Community LP - BFit

BFit's mission is to encourage movement and promote healthier living throughout New England. Boston Bruins pledge to use their expertise in professional strength & conditioning, nutrition, physical therapy, and community as a platform to bring fitness to everyone in the community. Why fitness? Not everyone is a professional hockey player, but everyone can agree on the importance of health, wellness, and exercise.