Think you have what it takes to join Blue Crew?

2024-25 Tryouts begin on Thursday, July 11. Browse below for requirements, tryout info, and advancing bib numbers as the process unfolds.

2024-25 applicants must be 18 years of age by July 22, 2024 and have a high school diploma (or equivalent).


Round 1 - Thursday, July 11
Round 2 - Friday, July 12 (Optional Dance Round)
Round 3 - Saturday, July 13
Round 4 - Sunday, July 14 (Morning)
Round 5 - Sunday, July 14 (Evening)
Round 6 - Monday, July 15

Advancing to Round 4:

  • 209
  • 235
  • 236
  • 238
  • 247
  • 250
  • 273
  • 285
  • 290
  • 293
  • 304
  • 323
  • 325
  • 333
  • 337
  • 345
  • 352
  • 354
  • 355
  • 359
  • 360
  • 364
  • 367
  • 373
  • 374
  • 376
  • 377
  • 378
  • 379
  • 380
  • 382
  • 388
  • 390
  • 394
  • 395
  • 397
  • 398


What are minimum qualifications?
Applicants must be 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Are auditions open to the public?
No, auditions are closed to the public. This includes family and friends.

What forms do I need for auditions?
Applicants will be asked to fill out and sign:

  • Application
  • Medical Release
  • Publicity Release

What should I wear to the auditions?
Everyone is asked to come prepared in athletic attire. Outfits must be within the following color scheme: Blue, Yellow, Black and/or White.

Females: Two-piece tight fit outfit consisting of: midriff-baring crop top or sports bra, yoga style plants, athletic shorts or skirt, and athletic shoes. Makeup should be "glamorous" and in shades that accent and enhance your beauty. Hair should be styled down, curled, and not covering your face. We do not want to see the natural/no-makeup makeup trend please.

Males: T-shirt and athletic shorts with athletic shoes.

Above approved outfits will be worn for ALL days of audition, unless otherwise noted

How can I prepare myself for auditions?
Blue Crew members are comprised of individuals that work in stands and on the ice. Hopefuls should be prepared to move quickly through crowds and up and down flights of stairs.

If you are a skater, you should be prepared to skate at a fast pace. You should be able to skate forward, backward and be able to stop. You can prepare yourself for the ice by taking ice lessons or getting out on the ice as much as possible.

Cardio is a plus for those working in the stands.

If you are a dancer, you should be prepared to learn and perform a dance at tryouts. You should be able to preform drills across the floor and freestyles. You can prepare yourself best by attending our pre-tryout dance clinics.

How many audition rounds are there?

There are usually six audition rounds during our tryout window.

Do I need to be able to skate?
No, Blue Crew members are made up of all skating abilities from none to expert as there are many duties other than shoveling the ice.

Do I need to be able to dance?
While you do not need to be able to dance in order to make Blue Crew, you do need dance experience to be selected to perform our in-game dance routines

What will the judges focus on and look for?

  • Performance
  • Showmanship and Personality
  • Ability to take direction and move from place to place

Where should I park?
Parking instructions will be emailed to applicants as the audition dates get closer.