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The Official Site of the Chicago Blackhawks

Blackhawks Bars Rewards Program

Join the Official Blackhawks Bar Rewards Program for a chance to win autographed merchandise, behind-the-scenes VIP experiences and much more! Follow the below steps for every scheduled Chicago Blackhawks game this season to earn points and win prizes! To find a Blackhawks Bar near you, use the map below for a list of all Official Blackhawks Bars.

Please note that the bar's unique game night code will only be live 1 hour before puck drop and ends 2 hours after the start of the game.

  1. Download the NHL App and select the Blackhawks as your Favorite Team.
  2. Open the App, scroll down and click on the Blackhawks Bar Rewards Program.
  3. Check into tonight's game using the Official Blackhawks Bar Custom Game Code.
    (Ask your Bartender/Server for Tonight's Game Code)
  4. Answer Blackhawks Fantasy Questions connected to tonight's game.
    (Fantasy questions must be submitted before the start of each game)
  5. Each Check-In and Correct Fantasy question will award points.
  6. Use your points to receive amazing Blackhawks Prizes and Experiences.

Watch a Blackhawks Game at an Official Blackhawks Bar and you can win amazing Blackhawks Prizes!

1. Attend an Official Blackhawks Bar for any scheduled Chicago Blackhawks game.
2. Check-in using the Official Blackhawks Bar's GAME NIGHT CODE.

  • You will earn 10 Fan Points for each successful CHECK-IN.
  • Each Official Blackhawks Bar will have a unique Game Night Code for each game.
  • You must allow the Blackhawks to access your current location to award the Fan Points.

3. Play Blackhawks Game Night Fantasy!

  • Answers must be submitted before the start of each game.
  • Each correct answer will award 5 Fan Points. If you answer all Game Night Fantasy Questions correctly for a particular game, you will be awarded an additional 50 Fan Points.

You will have the chance to win Blackhawks prizes based on the number of Game Night Check-Ins you have (Levels are listed below)

Level 1: 1-9 Game Night Check-Ins.
Level 2: 10-19 Game Night Check-Ins.
Level 3: 20-29 Game Night Check-Ins.
Level 4: 30-39 Game Night Check-Ins.
Level 5: 40-45 Game Night Check-Ins.
Level 6: 46-55 Game Night Check-Ins.
Level 7: 56-64 Game Night Check-Ins.
Level 8: 65+ Game Night Check-Ins.

Once you reach each level, you will be able to use your points to obtain entries into a raffle for a chance to win different Blackhawks prizes. You can either redeem your points for, the current raffle that you qualify for or you can save them for the next level raffle. Each raffle entry is 5 points. You can obtain multiple entries for each raffle. Winners will be notified directly.

The Prizes

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8