Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Mission and Beliefs:

Our organization's mission is to create a Greater State of Hockey. The Minnesota Wild have pledged to use our powerful platform to create a greater sense of community. By using that platform throughout our community, we strive to create a State of Hockey that is more diverse, equitable and inclusive. Specifically, we seek to drive social change and foster inclusivity by providing a safe, positive and welcoming environment for all community members and employees regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation, background or experience.

We Believe:
  • Hockey is for Everyone - and we will continue to break down barriers and provide broader access to our great game.
  • In unifying and building our community - and we will partner with like-minded organizations to do so.
  • We can positively impact children in under-represented communities - and will strengthen our efforts in this realm.
  • Our organization will be improved when it more closely reflects the community in which we live and work - and we will prioritize and measure that outcome.

In support of our mission to drive social change and foster inclusivity, we are proud to partner with and support five local, like-minded nonprofits to help us create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive State of Hockey. Each of the five organizations listed below align with one or more of our stated beliefs, and all fight racism and promote social justice:

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities

  • Mission: Enable all young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens


  • Mission: To equip our urban youth to develop physical, academic, social and spiritual excellence

Hendrickson Foundation

  • Mission: Enrich the lives of individuals with intellectual, emotional, cognitive and physical disabilities through the game of hockey

Twin Cities Habitat For Humanity

  • Mission: Eliminate poverty housing from the Twin Cities to make decent, affordable shelter for all people a matter of conscience

Twin Cities Pride

  • To empower every LGBTQ+ person to live as their true self
Employee Engagement, Education and Recruitment:

Service is at the heart of the Minnesota Wild and it is put into action through our employees. As an organization, our goal is to engage our staff with the five community partners listed above through volunteer work and service. Doing so will provide opportunities for our staff to become strong servant leaders within the community as they advocate the work of these organizations.