2024-25 Half Memberships

Half Membership Waitlist

Half Memberships for the 2024-25 season are currently sold out.

As a result, any fan interested in obtaining a Half Membership can join the Victory Club Waitlist for $100 per seat. Joining the Victory Club Waitlist provides priority access to purchase seats in these areas as they come available for the 2025-26 season or beyond.

How does it work?

The $100 per seat will reserve your spot in line to secure a Half Membership when they become available. The earlier you join the waitlist, the earlier spot in line you will have for access.

The money placed to join the waitlist go towards your future purchase of a Half Membership.

By joining the waitlist, you also gain access to exclusive perks throughout this year:

  • Exclusive single game offers during the 2024-25 season
  • Priority presale for individual game Stanley Cup Playoff tickets
  • Single use 20% off Hangar digital coupon

Half Membership Benefits

Lower Level Current Rate
Gold Center Ice SOLD OUT
Gold Prime SOLD OUT
Plaza Attack Prime SOLD OUT
Plaza Attack Select SOLD OUT
Plaza Attack SOLD OUT
Plaza Defend Prime SOLD OUT
Plaza Defend Select SOLD OUT
Plaza Defend SOLD OUT
Platinum Level Current Rate
Platinum Preferred SOLD OUT
Platinum Front Row SOLD OUT
Platinum SOLD OUT
Ford F-150 Club SOLD OUT
Terrace Level Current Rate
Terrace Preferred Front Row SOLD OUT
Terrace Select Front Row SOLD OUT
Terrace Preferred SOLD OUT
Terrace Select SOLD OUT
Terrace Front Row SOLD OUT
Terrace Center Ice SOLD OUT
Terrace Attack SOLD OUT
Terrace Defend SOLD OUT
Upper Terrace Center Ice SOLD OUT
Upper Terrace Attack SOLD OUT
Upper Terrace Defend SOLD OUT