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The Custom Benefit Plan allows you the benefit of choice in how the Stars thank you for your support.

• Choose either a gift or exclusive experience offered by the Dallas Stars.

• Priority selection determined by Victory Club Loyalty Class and date of your renewal within your Loyalty Class.


Victory Club Loyalty Classes

(Loyalty Classes are based on the continuous full membership tenure of an account)

Day 1: 1993-94 season

Stanley Cup: 1994-95 - 1999-2000 seasons

Hall of Fame: 10-20 seasons

MVP: 5-9 seasons

All-Star: 1-4 seasons

Rookie: 2020-2021


What does this mean for me?

All Victory Club members, regardless of tenure, will continue to have access to the annual Victory Club event and will receive one Victory Club member benefit of their choice: a merchandise gift or an experience. We know not everyone wants the same thing out of their Victory Club membership, so we want to give you the power to choose what matters to you most.


Here's how it works

Each Loyalty Class selects independently from each other and will have their own inventory of gift and experience options. Due to the nature of a hockey season, all experiences are very limited and availability for each experience will be appropriately weighted across the various Loyalty Classes in favor of tenure. The below numbers indicate what percentage of each Loyalty Class will be able to secure experiences.

• Day 1 (60%)  • Stanley Cup (50%)  • Hall of Fame (40%)
• MVP (30%)  • All-Star (20%)

Rookie Victory Club members (those going into their 1st year) are not eligible for experience selections until they enter the All-Star Class after going through their first renewal.


Priority Selection

Priority for gift selection within each Loyalty Class is determined based on the date of your renewal submission. Because initial charges are not made on the account until the first payment date, regardless of whether you submit on the first or last day of renewal, you have nothing to lose by renewing early on in the process. Those that renew early have the best chance of being able to choose from all available benefit options that apply to their Loyalty Class. Due to the volume of renewals we see on the first day across all Loyalty Classes, those only interested in experience options are strongly encouraged to renew the day that renewal information goes out.

Loyalty Classes select independently from each other, meaning you are only competing for priority with other people in your same tenure class. An All-Star has no bearing on the choices available to a Hall of Fame member even if that All-Star renewed before them.

Gift selection occurs prior to the start of the season each year via the Loop & Tie online gifting platform. Victory Club members shall be notified of specific gift options and selection times during the summer.