What is Victory Club?

Victory Club is a passionate collective: a group whose identity is intertwined with one another, held up by one another, and extends beyond the boundaries of American Airlines Center.  You are the heartbeat of the Dallas Stars organization. You are the Victory-Green wearing, towel-waving, name-your-dog-Miro crowd who is not defined by simply having tickets to Stars games. Victory Club honors your dedication and holds you in high regard with the best we have to offer. You are more than Season Ticket Holders.

Exclusive Benefits

Victory Club Members will receive invitations to exclusive member-only events throughout the year, including happy hour socials, meet and greets, a chance to interact with your favorite Stars at a team event and more!

Honoring Your Fandom

Each year, we will actively look for ways to improve Victory Club to provide members greater value. Victory Club Members are very important to us, and we are dedicated to showing you this each and every season.