NHL EDGE: Behind Ovechkin's power-play goal

It's obvious at this point, Alex Ovechkin doesn't need any help scoring goals.

But with NHL EDGE, viewers during Friday's game against the Carolina Hurricanes definitely got a little help seeing why the Washington Capitals captain is so good at it.

NHL EDGE puck and player tracking uses infrared technology and multiple cameras to bring fans inside the game with information and insight like they've never had before.

For the game Friday at Capital One Arena, viewers could choose to watch the NHL EDGE alt cast, which showed off the technology in real time.

Just before Ovechkin knocked in his sixth goal in four games and career goal No. 846, NHL EDGE showed a breakdown of where the superstar forward likes to take his power-play shots from. Unsurprisingly, 37 of his 87 shots were from the left circle, widely known as Ovechkin's "office."

NHL EDGE also shows things in real time, like how fast (in miles per hour) players are skating, how long they have been on the ice -- for their current shift and the game -- and the pinpoint location of the puck.

It's certainly no surprise that when the puck's location met up with Ovechkin's, the puck relocated into the net.

And in the years to come, NHL EDGE promises even more to come. This broadcast was just the edge of the iceberg.

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