Hage 2568x1444


RANKING: 10th North American Skater (Central Scouting)
AMATEUR CLUB: Chicago Steel (USHL)
2023-24 STATS: 54 GP, 33 G, 42 A, 75 PTS, +17, 53 PIM


“He plays the game quick and fast. Hage is a threat off the rush in transition. His vision in the offensive zone is one of his most elite elements. Defensive detail, and effort tracking back off the puck, ranges and will have to improve before he arrives at the University of Michigan (NCAA). Has time on his side. His offensive element and the pace at which he plays wins out.” - Jason Bukala, SN

“Hage is another riser on many boards, as he has found more and more consistency in leveraging his elite tools to create sustained offense at the USHL level as the season has progressed. His powerful and agile skating paired with high-end handling skill and on-puck composure allow him to dominate junior competition in transition. Offensively too, he can turn nothing into something in the blink of an eye; unpredictable and adaptable on-puck, and riding defenders’ blind spots adeptly to get himself to high-danger positions in and around the slot. He refined his defensive work-rate and reads early this season, and while his high-end projection hinges on the offensive skill, the defensive game is no longer the liability it once was. He can still fall victim to trying to do too much on his own, and a few years with the University of Michigan will certainly help him round out his game in needed ways, but beyond the Top 10 of the draft, few players can match his dynamic on-puck game and offensive upside.” - Hadi Kalakeche, Dobber Prospects

“Michael Hage is a small forward who possesses quickness, agility, and intelligence, like most of his peers in the position. However, his greatest attribute is his excellent skating ability. His pristine edge work and powerful first three strides allow him to move quickly and overwhelm his opponents. He combines his speed with his hands to blow by defenders and create numerous scoring opportunities. He has a unique way of using his hands on his shot, creating dominant deception angles that make it nearly impossible for the goalies to predict where his shot is headed. When he combines the deception angles with his quick release, the goalie stands no chance of saving the puck when he has the space to shoot.” - Stefano Rubino, the Hockey Writers