Meet the Greene brothers: to them, hockey is more than just a game - it’s an avenue to give back to the local community. Zave (20), Jovi (17) and Tyvan (12), have all grown up playing hockey, allowing them to form countless friendships and lasting memories in their lives. This impact formed a sense of gratitude within the family, as well as a need to grow the game they love.

Every summer, the Greene Brothers hold a fundraising event to raise money toward a local beneficiary in hopes of supporting the hockey community. This year, the brothers’ efforts will go towards the Capitals Rising Stars Academy, a co-ed program established to provide elite skill development and mentorship for local hockey players of color. interviewed the Greene brothers on their fundraising efforts and what hockey means to them. To support the Greene’s fundraiser, click here.

Q: Why chose the Rising Stars Academy as this year's beneficiary?

A: ZAVE: So many talented young athletes with big hockey dreams face obstacles getting on the ice. Rising Stars Academy is a direct way to help these passionate players work toward their dreams, regardless of their financial situation. The game of hockey changes lives, and supporting young athletes pursuing their dreams feels incredibly rewarding.

Q: What does it mean to see the game of hockey grow in your community as a response to your efforts?

A: ZAVE: Since the Caps won the Stanley Cup, hockey has grown so much in our region! It's gratifying to see more kids take to the ice, develop their skills, and fall in love with the game. Following the positive example of so many coaches, including Coach Duante’ Abercrombie, we want to be encouraging voices helping kids get into the game we all love!

Q: Why is it important for you all to give back to your local community?

A: JOVI: We recognize the important role our community plays in our upbringing and success. We are grateful for the many encouraging and supportive people we've encountered, from coaches to parents to other players. Sometimes, just one person believing in you is all it takes to give you the courage to go after your dreams!

Q: What has playing hockey and being a Capitals fan taught you about giving back to your community?

A: JOVI Playing hockey and being passionate Capitals fans creates a huge sense of camaraderie. We are impressed and inspired by the many ways the MSE Foundation gives back to the community and the frequent participation of the Caps players in these efforts.

TYVAN Not all professional athletes are so generous with their time; having true role models on our home team is fantastic!

Q: This is your third annual fundraiser; what have you learned over the past two years, and how has that helped you as you continue to grow your mission?

A: ZAVE Over the past two years, we've learned the importance of setting a big vision for our 5K that is fun and engaging. Each event teaches us new ways to connect with our community and raise awareness for our cause. To others considering organizing a fundraiser, don't be afraid to reach out and share your message. When we first started, we were more timid. With more experience, we've spread our wings, and the positive feedback from our community keeps inspiring us to do more! We are so excited year after year to reconnect with our community, partner with MSE Foundation, and keep growing!


Q: What does it mean to see the community's support over the last few seasons?

ZAVE The overwhelming support from our community has been humbling. It has not only validated our efforts but has also motivated us to continue with even bigger goals.

TYVAN: The best part is greeting everyone when they pick up their race packets, all decked out in stars and stripes! Seeing all the smiles, anticipation, energy and excitement for the cause. It's a great feeling!

Q: What has it meant to fundraise and create these projects the last few seasons as brothers? How has it helped you all grow as a family?

ZAVE Fundraising as brothers is an incredible bonding experience. It's brought us closer as we've worked together toward our shared goals. This journey has also strengthened our family dynamic and brought us immense joy and fulfillment.

JOVI In addition to organizing the event, we also work together to build a large fundraising game each year. Last year, it was a giant "Rink-o-Plinko." This year, we're building a giant prize spinner to raffle off the amazing, signed Caps memorabilia donated by the MSE Foundation. This effort always brings in help from our close friends and family, which is another fun bonding experience for everyone.

Q: What are your future goals with your fundraising efforts?

A: ZAVE Our future goals include expanding our events, increasing participation, and raising more funds to uplift our local hockey community.

TYVAN We are constantly brainstorming new ideas and we'd love to keep growing our relationships with the Caps and even have some players attend one of our 5K events.

Q: How can I donate?

A: TYVAN Donations can be made directly through our GoFundMe. 100% of donations will go to the Rising Stars Academy.

To support the Greene’s fundraiser, click here.