The St. Louis Blues are proud to relaunch their program specializing in the collection and re-sale of game-used memorabilia for the 2022-23 season, offering fans the opportunity to own a piece of Blues history.

To ensure authenticity of game-used items for sale, all equipment and memorabilia in the Authentic Game-Used Equipment, Milestone Game Equipment and Locker Room Issued Jerseys categories will come with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) signed by the head equipment manager and member of the Blues Front Office. 

In addition, all game-used items collected during the 2022-23 season will be tagged with a hologram sticker that includes unique serial number to distinguish the authentication of the item.

Each item can be verified by entering the full Rinkside Reserve item number below.

Rinkside Reserve Game-Used and Memorabilia Categories

Authentic Game-Used Equipment:
Items worn or used by Blues players in a game, including player jerseys, skates, gloves, helmets, sticks, goalie leg pads, blockers, gloves and masks.

Certificates of Authenticity will indicate period of time the equipment was in use by the player. Items have varying lifespans based on player preference.

All player-used sticks, with the exception of sticks used by a player during the playoffs, theme games with special tape (i.e. Hockey Fights Cancer) and individual milestone games, will indicate the season in which it was used.

Please note: Most game-used sticks are also used in practices by the players. Pending players preference, they may also remove tape and extensions to use in other sticks. 

Milestone Game Equipment:
Items worn or used by players during an individual milestone game. Milestones include specific games played, goals scored, hat tricks scored, shutouts recorded, and other unique moments in Blues/NHL history determined by the Blues.

Certificate of authenticity for these items will include specific game(s) each item was used by the player.

Please note: There are typically multiple jerseys made for players reaching milestones for games played and each worn during a period of the milestone game.

Locker Room Issued Jerseys:
Sets of jerseys are created and ordered by equipment managers in preparation of players that may be recalled to the team. Some jerseys may not have been used by the time that set is out of use and will fall under the 'Locker Room Issued Jersey' category, indicating the specific jersey was made by the Blues and issued to the player.

A certificate of authenticity reflecting this category will be issued to the purchaser.

Goal Scored Pucks:
Pucks that are scored during Blues home games at Enterprise Center by both teams will be collected by referees and delivered to the scorekeeping box immediately after the goal. The scorekeeper then tapes and marks the puck indicating which goal with which it was used.

A Certificate of Authenticity will include the names of goal scorer and players who assisted on the goal. An individual hologram sticker will also be included on goal scored pucks.

End of Season and Basement Sale Items:
During the season and at the end of the season, the Blues hold an equipment sale with new equipment, remaining used equipment from current and former players, as well as player and goalie equipment only used in practice. These items are sold at a discounted price and DO NOT come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Items will be sold for a set price on; or by auction using the Gesture Bid-By-Phone system at

If purchasing any items online, it is important to read the full description of item before purchasing.

Portions of the proceeds generated from the game-used memorabilia program will benefit Blues For Kids.

For any questions or issues looking up your unique Rinkside Reserve hologram number, please email [email protected].