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Street Hockey Program Lessons

Activity #1: Street Hockey Skills

You can play street hockey anywhere! In the backyard, in your garage, in your house (with your parents' permission of course). Every week, we'll send you some new drills to sharpen your skills. Keep an eye out for the weekly #HockeyAtHome challenges and tag the Anaheim Ducks in your videos on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Activity #2: Skills & Drills with Hampus Lindholm

Grab your gear and get ready to play hockey with Ducks defenseman Hampus Lindholm! He'll show you a few simple stickhandling drills you can complete just about anywhere. Don't forget to try our weekly #HockeyAtHome challenge and tag the Anaheim Ducks on social media.

Activity #3: Skills & Drills with Ryan Miller

No hockey stick? No problem! Excellent hand-eye coordination allows goalies to make the impossible saves look easy. Watch Ducks goaltender Ryan Miller introduce this week's #HockeyAtHome challenge and he'll show you the steps needed to juggle like a professional.

Activity #4: Skills & Drills

We asked for some stickhandling drills from one of our S.C.O.R.E. students this week! Pay close attention as Brayden teaches you how to fine tune your stickhandling and toe drag even the best defenseman. As always, don't forget to try our #HockeyAtHome challenge and tag the @AnaheimDucks on social media.

Activity #5: Skills & Drills

After weeks of stickhandling drills, it's time to put your skills to the test! Can you pass the ball up the ramp and into the bucket? Gather a few simple materials from around the house and see how many points you can score. Virtually challenge your friends and teammates and remember to share your #HockeyAtHome videos with the @AnaheimDucks.

Activity #6: Skills & Drills

It's time to get creative and create your own trick shot! Gather items from around your house and draw up your own game plan. You can start small and then build more as you go. Need some help? Check out this #HockeyAtHome video!

Activity #7: Skills & Drills with Annie Pankowski

Watch Team USA forward and California native Annie Pankowski teach you some of her favorite stickhandling drills. All of the best athletes know that training sessions aren't complete without a friendly competition. Check out Annie's #HockeyAtHome challenges for more fun ideas.

Activity #8: Skills & Drills Around the World

We know you have been playing #HockeyAtHome a lot lately. You're not alone! From Namibia to New Zealand, we asked hockey players from around the world to send us a video of their favorite stickhandling drills.

Activity #9: Skills & Drills Inline Edition

No ice, no problem! Grab your inline skates, stick, and ball and get to work. This week we're showcasing Drills of the Week from the Anaheim Ducks i3 program. Coach Greg will show you how to improve your skating, stickhandling, and agility while playing #HockeyAtHome! Most drills can be completed without skates.

Learn more about the G.O.A.L. program.

Activity #10: Skills & Drills - Angles and Dangles

This week is all about angles and dangles! When you are going 1v1 against an opponent, you have two choices: stickhandle through them or use the boards to get around them. With a few simple household items, you can learn how to master both skills to leave that defenseman in the dust.