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Reading is the Goal Program Lessons

Activity #1: Wild Wing's Book Club

Wild Wing has been busy reading all of his favorite hockey books to help pass the time! We encourage everyone, students and teachers alike, to share a photo of themselves reading their favorite book and to tag the Anaheim Ducks using the hashtag #DucksLoveReading on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

See Wild Wing's Favorite Books

Activity #2: Design Your Own Goalie Helmet!

Ever since Gerry Cheevers drew stitches on his goalie mask in the 1960's, goalies have designed their helmets to showcase their teams, families, and unique personalities. Now it's your chance! Get started by reading more about the history of the artwork on goalie masks. Next, think about WHAT symbols you'd like to include and WHY they are important to you. Finally, download a blank template and start designing! Need more inspiration? Check out a recap of last year's helmet design contest to see one local student's design come to life.

Watch Video

Download the Template

Activity #3: Wild Wing Joins the Team

Find out how Wild Wing decided to join his first hockey team! Get started by reading Wing's short story and then answer the reading comprehension questions to really get your brain buzzing. Bonus - can you write your own story about a time you decided to try something new?

Download Wing's Story

Activity #4: Fill in the Blank: History of the Goal Lamp

There is nothing more exciting than when an Anaheim Ducks player 'Lights the Lamp'! The red light flashes, the horn sounds, and the fans go wild. But how did this tradition begin? Download the article to learn more about the history of the goal lamp. Use the word bank provided to fill in the gaps of the story!

Download the Worksheet

Activity #5: Storytime with David Backes

Reading has always been an important part of Anaheim Ducks forward David Backes's family nighttime routine. Gather your blankets and settle in as he reads aloud one of his children's favorite books!

Watch Storytime with David Backes

Activity #6: A Hockey Story

It's game day! Using your imagination and your knowledge of verbs, nouns, and adjectives, fill in the blanks to create your own hockey story. Change your answers and you can get a different story every time!

Create your Own Hockey Story

Activity #7: Comical Captions

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Photographers take hundreds of pictures during every game, so they are bound to catch a funny moment or two. Help us write a comical caption or fill in the thought bubbles for some of our favorite Ducks moments caught on camera.

Add Your Comical Captions!

Activity #8: Who Said It?

Read about hockey pioneers Willie O'Ree and Blake Bolden's visit to Anaheim with the NHL's Black Hockey History Truck! Then, use context clues from the story to help you fill in the blanks and match the missing quotes to their correct location in the story!

Click Here for the Story!

Activity #9: Create your own Journal!

Journals are a fun place to keep track of your thoughts, write down funny stories, or even dream of what the future could hold. Gather a few supplies and you can make your own personalized journal at home! Need some writing ideas? We've given you plenty of prompts to get started!

Click Here for the Journal