The official mascot of the Chicago Blackhawks, Tommy Hawk is the NHL's best. This feathery fowl loves to dance, play hockey and generally cause mascot mayhem wherever he goes. Tommy is not only at all Blackhawks home games, but Tommy makes numerous appearances throughout the Chicagoland area and the country. Tommy loves to attend all types of events from birthday parties, block parties, schools, parades, business expos to pretty much anywhere that laughter and fun are needed.

Meet Tommy Hawk

NAME: Tommy Hawk
POSITION: Center (of attention)
WEIGHT: Feather weight
SHOOTS: T-shirts to the crowd
RESIDES: At the United Center
HOBBIES: Playing hockey, launching confetti, spraying silly string, dancing,
FAVORITE FOODS: Roasted Duck, Pickled Penguin, Coyote Burgers, Buffalo Wings
FAVORITE SONGS: Here Come the Hawks, Chelsea Dagger, Shake Your Tail Feather

Tommy Hawk Appearances

Tommy Hawk is available for booking at public and private events throughout the year! Whether you're planning a birthday party, grand opening or special event, Tommy is guaranteed to supply your guests with loads of laughable memories.

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For further information, contact Tommy's manager Joe Doyle at 312-455-7072 or [email protected]