The official Mascot of the Buffalo Sabres

Photo of Sabretooth along with a text bio reading: Sabretooth, Mascot 7 feet tall, 242 pounds, age unknown

Sabretooth has made a point of revealing little about the circumstances of his birth. Not that he's hiding anything - just a bit sensitive about people knowing his real age (though he is certainly long in the tooth). We do know that he was born in an alpine forest filled with tall trees and frozen lakes, where he learned to skate at a young age. He loved the scenery of his youth, but he yearned for the bright lights and high intensity of NHL hockey. Since migrating to downtown Buffalo, he's specialized in thunderous roars, powerful high-fives, and making memories for the best fans in the league.

Sabretooth lives for the energy on Sabres game nights when KeyBank Center is rocking. Catch him in between periods for a chat and a selfie - you'll make his day!

BUF - Sabretooth Bio

NAME: Sabretooth
HEIGHT: 7'0''
SHOOTS: The T-Shirt Cannon
RESIDES: At KeyBank Center
HOBBIES: Playing the Drums, High Fives, Repelling from the Ceiling, Four-Wheeling
FAVORITE FOOD: Chicken Wings, Ice Cream
FAVORITE SONGS: Sabre Dance, Eye of the Tiger