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The Official Site of the Buffalo Sabres

The Official App of the Buffalo Sabres

Welcome to the official mobile app of the Buffalo Sabres! Built for the most dedicated and loyal fans in the NHL. Stay locked in with exclusive team content all year long and make game day go smoothly with mobile ticketing. Plus, follow breaking news, real-time statistics and shot charts, streaming live video, exclusive feature stories, and more!

Features include:

News: Real-time breaking news, previews of upcoming matchups, postgame recaps and

player features

Video: Live streaming video, feature stories, press conferences, coach and player interviews, and more

Arena: Manage your mobile tickets, see upcoming concerts and events, interactive maps, and more.

Photos: Stunning HQ photo galleries

Stats: Real-time statistics and scores from the official NHL stats engine, head-to-head matchup insights, player stats, score charts, box scores and league-wide stats

Standings: See up-to-date team and league standings

Contests and More: Enter to win app exclusive contests, games, and more

Schedule: Schedule of upcoming games, box scores from previous games, ticket purchases for future games, or add the games to your calendar

For support: Tweet @yinzcam or email