The NHL is celebrating women in hockey, and every week this season, NHL.com will highlight a woman from each of the 32 teams. Today, a look at Tampa Bay Lightning skating coach consultant Barbara Underhill:

Name: Barbara Underhill

Job title: Skating Coach Consultant

Years of hockey experience (Include on- and off-ice hockey-related experience): I started working in hockey in 2007-08 and started working in the NHL in 2009. The Lightning hired me in 2011. 
What do you love most about your job? 

I love helping a player reach their goals. Whether they are getting drafted or called up to the NHL for the first time. For me, just playing a small role in helping them see their dreams become a reality is the best part of my job. 

What was your first ever job, and did it prepare you for the work you do today? 

My very first job was with the IceCapades – as a professional figure skater, we toured around North America performing in all the major North American cities, most weeks we did 12 shows in a week. The road was a grind and it wasn’t always fun. There were a lot of ups and downs, but the show must always go on, no matter what. This experience definitely helped me find the mental strength, discipline and resiliency that is often required in this role. 

What is your greatest achievement to date? 

From a career perspective… Coming back from a devastating loss at the Olympic Games in Sarajevo to win the World Championships three weeks later in Ottawa. That was the highlight of my figure skating career! From a hockey standpoint …being a part of two Stanley Cups with the Lightning is right up!

Describe a moment when you said to yourself “I can’t believe this is my job”!!!

Standing on the ice during the Stanley Cup celebrations… witnessing the absolute joy on the players’ faces and sharing in that moment with the players and coaches. I never could have imagined or dreamed that one! Then having the opportunity to share the Stanley Cup with my friends and family! 

What are you most proud of? 

My 32-year marriage and five wonderful children 😊! 

Fast facts:

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?


What’s your favorite book? 

“Untamed” by Glennon Doyle

One thing you can’t live without: 


Do you collect anything? 

Heart Rocks

What is your hobby outside of work?