Select-A-Seat Frequently Asked Questions

How are the timeslots determined

They are set by tenure. The longer you've been a Devils Black & Red Member, the better seats you will have access to during the Select-A-Seat event. We reserve the best seating to our Members who have been here the longest.

If there is a set of three seats, can I take a pair and leave a single seat?

You are unable to leave a single seat in a row.

Can I purchase more seats than my current allotment?

Additional seats can be purchased through the Select-A-Seat event, with a maximum of eight seats per account.

How do I change my seating location?

Upon logging into the Select-A-Seat event, you will be prompted to select your current seating location. You can then select the location you would be interested in relocating into.

Can I relocate into another seat at the same price?

Black & Red Members are able to upgrade their seating location in the same pricing zone should it be available.

What happens to my payment plan if I add-on or upgrade my seats?

Black & Red Members future payment plans will be updated to reflect the new seating location.

What options am I provided in regards to payments if I have already paid off my balance from my previous location?

You can select from either a payment plan or paying in full for the new balance.