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Boston Bruins Foundation - Raffles & Auctions

Purchase your 50/50 raffle ticket for the upcoming game and you could win half of total proceeds.

Disclaimer: The person purchasing the ticket must be in the state of Massachusetts at the time of purchase. However, they do not need to live in the state of Massachusetts.

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Recent 50/50 Raffles

Date Winning Number Status
May. 4 P-1019228 Unclaimed
May. 2 F-1032348 Claimed
Apr. 25 L-1155146 Claimed
Apr. 21 U-1071178 Claimed
Apr. 14 V-1393446 Claimed
Apr. 12 H-1163365 Claimed
Apr. 8 R-1089141 Claimed
Apr. 7 A-1089497 Claimed
Mar. 31 D-1082309 Claimed
Mar. 29 G-1025715 Claimed
Mar. 19 B-1064234 Claimed
Mar. 10 Y-1095310 Claimed
Mar. 08 Y-1034312 Claimed
Mar. 06 M-1086070 Claimed
Mar. 03 A-1011141 Claimed
Mar. 01 E-1064143 Claimed
Feb. 27 A-106470 Claimed
Feb. 13 F-165885 Claimed
Feb. 12 B-100138 Claimed
Feb. 10 H-167467 Claimed
Feb. 03 V-184549 Claimed
Feb. 01 T-130730 Claimed
Jan. 30 G-169335 Claimed
Jan. 23 M-162083 Claimed
Jan. 17 C-178085 Claimed
Jan. 15 W-137685 Claimed
Jan. 6 B-160225 Claimed
Dec. 27 T-149803 Claimed
Dec. 23 K-170302 Claimed
Dec. 21 Z-106400 Claimed
Dec. 18 E-121556 Claimed
Dec. 16 D-103170 Claimed
Dec. 14 P-111386 Claimed
Dec. 9 N-118031 Claimed
Dec. 7 A-104647 Claimed
Nov. 29 V120114 Claimed
Nov. 28 Y-108502 Claimed
Nov. 26 J-110234 Claimed
Nov. 24 F-104234 Claimed
Nov. 18 C-111359 Claimed
Nov. 11 W-163333 Claimed
Nov. 6 D-125129 Claimed
Nov. 4 M-116420 Unclaimed
Nov. 2 F-142807 Claimed
Oct. 28 S-121371 Claimed
Oct. 26 E-138055 Claimed
Oct. 21 V-109162 Claimed
Oct. 19 D-144211 Claimed
Oct. 9 C-121553 Claimed
Oct. 6 B-138912 Claimed
Sep 25 A-102558 Claimed
Sep 21 A-144180 Claimed
Sep 19 A-104165 Claimed

During each Boston Bruins home game, the Boston Bruins Foundation conducts the 50/50 raffle. Fifty percent of the proceeds go toward the beneficiary hosted by the Bruins Foundation that night while the other fifty percent of the proceeds goes to one lucky winner.

Please look for our distinctive 50/50 raffle kiosks and roaming sellers in turquoise aprons around the TD Garden concourses. Tickets will be sold from the time gates open until the end of the 2nd intermission. During the 3rd period, one winning 50/50 raffle ticket will be randomly drawn by the Boston Bruins Foundation utilizing an automated computer program. After the winning ticket is selected, the number will be announced in game and onTwitter via @NHLBruins, giving the winner the opportunity to claim their prize at Guest Services on the Loge Level, Section 4 OR by checking the numbers posted here on the Bruins Foundation Website within 30 days of the winning game. 

The 50/50 program comprises of one third of our annual fundraising. Additionally, the 50/50 gives us the opportunity to honor many of our partner organizations in-game such as Partners for Youth with Disabilities, The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Boston, and Best Buddies.

Please note: Following a weekend game it may take up to 48 hours for the 50/50 numbers to be posted.


50/50 Rules:

  • Purchaser must be 18 year of age or older.
  • Winner will be chosen during the third period.
  • Winner must present photo ID and complete applicable tax information to claim the prize.
  • Winner must produce the winning ticket at the time of claiming the prize.
  • Prize can be claimed at the Guest Relations located on Level 4, Loge 4 prior to the end of the game, or by contacting the Boston Bruins Foundation within 30 days from the date of the drawing. Visit for raffle numbers and contact information.
  • Should the prize be claimed after the day of the game, winner must scan and submit an electronic copy of the winning ticket to Once identified as the winning numbers, the winner will be updated on how their winnings will be processed.
  • Any winnings that go unclaimed after 30 days from the drawing date will be forfeited and therefore dispersed through the Boston Bruins Foundation to local non-profit organizations.
  • Winner will receive a check within 45 business days from the date the prize is claimed.