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Boston Bruins Foundation 50/50 Raffle

Purchase your 50/50 raffle tickets for a chance at the jackpot!

Disclaimer: The person purchasing the ticket must be in the state of Massachusetts at the time of purchase. However, they do not need to live in the state of Massachusetts.

Please make sure to enable your location services on your devices to provide an accurate geo location.

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Recent 50/50 Raffles

Date Winning Number Status
Aug. 31 P-2950568 Unclaimed
Aug. 29 Q-2224418 Unclaimed
Aug. 25 N-5262295 Unclaimed
Aug. 21 O-4286266 Unclaimed
Aug. 17 M-3157698 Claimed
Aug. 13 L-4527473 Claimed
Aug. 9 P-5973609 Claimed
Aug. 2 B-1033231 Unclaimed
Mar. 7 P-1065956 Unclaimed
Feb. 27 S-1012476 Claimed
Feb. 25 H-1070208 Claimed
Feb. 15 E-1000235 Claimed
Feb. 12 B-1021283 Claimed
Feb. 10 (Beanpot) T-1057123 Claimed
Feb. 8 C-1033509 Claimed
Feb. 4 A-1006230 Claimed
Jan. 16, 21 F-1237077 Claimed
Jan. 9 F-1068054 Claimed
Jan. 4 A-1010987 Claimed
Jan. 2 B-1005874 Claimed
Dec. 29 T-1010894 Claimed
Dec. 23 S-1016947 Claimed
Dec. 19 B-1057296 Claimed
Dec. 17 C-1031986 Unclaimed
Dec. 7 B-1060661 Claimed
Dec. 5 S-1005562 Unclaimed
Dec. 3 G-1100929 Claimed
Nov. 29 M-1098228 Claimed
Nov. 23 F-1016202 Claimed
Nov. 21 S-1059739 Claimed
Nov. 16 B-1094476 Claimed
Nov. 12 F-1065711 Claimed
Nov. 10 C-1028947 Claimed
Nov. 4 M-1058500 Claimed
Nov. 2 M-1081866 Claimed
Oct. 29 C-1045459 Claimed
Oct. 22, 26 B-1003042 Claimed
Oct. 18 (UFC) U-1155961 Claimed
Oct. 17 M-1068510 Claimed
Oct. 14 B-1017695 Claimed
Oct. 12 S-1054799 Claimed
Sep. 25/28 W-1051411 Claimed
Sep. 23 K-1070025 Claimed

For each home game, the Boston Bruins Foundation conducts a 50/50 raffle to raise funds for a designated beneficiary. Fifty percent of the proceeds go towards the beneficiary while the other fifty percent goes to one lucky winner.

In addition to our online sales, if you're heading to the game look for our distinctive 50/50 raffle kiosks and roaming sellers around the TD Garden concourses. Tickets will be sold until the start of the 3rd period, when one winning ticket will be randomly drawn by the Boston Bruins Foundation.


50/50 Rules:

  • Purchaser must be 18 year of age or older.
  • Winner will be chosen during the third period.
  • Winner must present the winning ticket, photo ID and complete applicable tax information to claim the prize
  • Prize can be claimed by emailing within 30 days from the date of the drawing.
  • Winner will receive a check within 45 business days from the date the prize is claimed.


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