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Initial Registration Fee: $60
Special Plate Fee: $40 
Renewal Fee: $100 every 2 years

By now, you've probably seen a Boston Bruins license plate on the road in Massachusetts. But beyond the fact that the plate looks good, it is also serving a very important purpose - all proceeds from the sale of the "Invest in Youth Hockey" plate go directly to Massachusetts Youth Hockey. In the five years that the plates have been on the road, the program has raised over $1 million for grassroots youth hockey efforts throughout the state.

The plates cost $40, of which $28 of the purchase price will go directly to Massachusetts Hockey, Inc., a non-profit affiliate of USA Hockey. The remaining $12 is a one-time only cost to cover manufacturing expenses. Upon renewal of the plates, the entire $40 will go to Mass Hockey (this is in addition to the standard $36 registration fee due at renewal).

Money raised through the "Invest in Youth Hockey" initiative has helped pay for the Border Patrol Program, which directly benefits the youngest skaters.

The funds raised by the plates have also been used:

  • to support individual town programs
  • to raise awareness of the parental and spectator conduct code
  • to benefit the youth amputee program
  • to defer costs related to the installation of equipment for hearing impaired players
  • to help with the establishment of programs for autistic players
  • to finance summer hockey camp scholarships for players who are foster children with the Mass. Dept. of Social Services

"When the Bruins approached us with the license plate initiative and we talked about the potential uses for the money the program raised, they wanted something that went directly back to the kids," said Jack McCatherin, the President of Massachusetts Youth Hockey, and member of USA Hockey's Board of Directors for Massachusetts. "The benefits had to be obvious and immediate. And what a great way this was for them to team up to help us spread hockey in the region."

You can purchase your Boston Bruins "Invest in Youth Hockey" license plate at all full-service Registry branches or online by clicking here.

In December of 1999, Congressman Stephen F. Lynch - then a state senator - and Bruins President Harry Sinden joined former Mass Hockey President Dan Esdale at Murphy Rink in South Boston to announce the filing of a bill in the Massachusetts legislature to create a new license plate to benefit Mass Youth Hockey.

Following his election to the United State Congress, Lynch continued to push for the bill's passage. Finally in 2002, Congressman Lynch and Sinden along with Senator Guy Glodis, Senator Jack Hart and Representative Marty Walsh prevailed and the Bruins "Invest in Youth Hockey" license plate was on the road.

These plates are for Mass Hockey and all proceeds go directly to the state's youth hockey programs. If you and your friends and family do not have the plates, please get them. If you already have them, please renew and you will ensure continuing revenue to the programs for the years to come.

Get your Bruins plates today, or renew them, and you will continue to help good people do good things. Thank you for investing in youth hockey.


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