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BBF Giving APP

The Boston Bruins Foundation will launched the BBF Giving App on February 5, 2019, allowing fans to give to their favorite Boston Bruins Foundation cause while getting rewarded in the process. Causes include the Special Olympics, First Responder Challenge, Heroes Cup, and Pucks and Paddles. Fans can donate any amount starting at $1 or give on an ongoing basis. Learn More

About Foundation
About Foundation

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Recent 50/50 Raffles

Date Winning Number Status
Feb. 12 J-1021771 Claimed
Feb. 11 M-1035544 Unclaimed
Feb. 9-10 M-1184793 Claimed
Feb. 5 N-1017261 Claimed
Jan. 31 B-1024452 Claimed
Jan. 29 D-1063697 Claimed
Jan. 19 M-1117078 Unclaimed
Jan. 17 P-1053872 Claimed
Jan. 14 F-1080473 Claimed
Jan. 10 J-1026876 Claimed
Jan. 8 D-1002671 Claimed
Jan. 5 N-1080013 Claimed
Jan. 3 P-1082852 Claimed
Dec. 27 J-1076532 Claimed
Dec. 22 D-1046203 Claimed
Dec. 20 P-1021674 Claimed
Dec. 17 W-1145797 Claimed
Dec. 11 M-1021519 Claimed
Dec. 8 F-1100459 Claimed
Dec. 1 Z-1071788 Claimed
Nov. 29 S-1069043 Claimed
Nov. 28 T-1006768 Unclaimed
Nov. 23 F-1102206 Claimed
Nov. 11 W-1143535 Claimed
Nov. 8 A-1004714 Claimed
Nov. 5 G-1024325 Unclaimed
Nov. 3 N-1000284 Claimed
Oct. 27 V-1092476 Claimed
Oct. 25 H-1071672 Claimed
Oct. 13 M-1006343 Claimed
Oct. 11 D-1000692 Claimed
Oct. 8 S-1103583 Claimed
Sept. 29 C-1004430 Claimed
Sept. 26 B-1060135 Claimed
Sept. 16 A-1025276 Claimed
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Support the Epiphany School

This past spring, the Boston Bruins Foundation partnered with Walmart and Project Green Schools to launch the inaugural Green Up New England Challenge to highlight their commitment to the environment and to growing green students and citizens. Schools across New England were invited into the challenge where they were asked to compete in the areas of: Energy Reduction, Waste Reduction, Water Reduction, Innovative Green Schools Practices. The winner of the competition was the Epiphany School in Dorchester, MA. Part of their winning project includes the building of a new greenhouse on their expanded Dorchester campus. The new greenhouse will be used for educational purposes for Epiphany students and the community at large. Please support the Epiphany School in their efforts by donating.

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