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Club Blackhawks & Tommy's Crew

Club Blackhawks

Club Blackhawks is the best way for young fans to connect with the team in a fun and safe environment! Get the latest news, stats, schedule and scores, create your own avatar, pick your fantasy team and even participate in trivia, games and chats! Club Blackhawks is a FREE download and available in the iOS and Android app stores.

Bowlero is proud to sponsor the latest version of Club Blackhawks. The updated app features more interactive content, new avatar design features and so much more!

Tommy's Crew

Tommy's Crew is a fun way to interact with Tommy Hawk and all he has to offer to his crew members throughout the season! Tommy gives his members gift items, sends them newsletters, gives them the opportunity to be a "captain of the month" or shoot the puck at a Blackhawks home game and even invites them to skate with him!

Do you want to unlock access to Tommy's Crew? The key lies within the Club Blackhawks App, so download it today and get the secret link! 

Check out our different pricing options for Tommy's Crew below:

Tommy is going to save the world, one hockey game at a time, and is looking for eligible sidekicks. With the purchase of this exclusive Tommy's Crew gift, you will receive a Tommy's Crew superhero cape, a fun magnet to dress Tommy up in different outfits on your fridge and a special Tommy's Crew hockey puck for MEMBERS ONLY! Crew members who select this option will also receive a personalized birthday card in the mail during their birthday month (or as they sign up if the member's birthday has already passed during this season).

Tommy has a lot to share and wants to make sure his crew members are up to date on all things Tommy throughout the season. That's why he likes to share a newsletter with everything that is going on in his life, both inside the nest and out around town. This year, Tommy will be sending out a newsletter every few months with information on current contests (i.e. becoming the Captain of the Month or getting the opportunity to Shoot the Puck at a Blackhawks home game), events that we have planned (a skating party hosted by Tommy Hawk plus two other exciting events), photos and a short novel on what is going on in Tommy's life (so hopefully you all have a few hours to spare each time you want to read through one of these). With the purchase of this option, each member will automatically be invited to the events with no extra purchase necessary.

You know how sometimes you go out to eat at a fancy restaurant and that delicious sandwich you order does not come with any fries, so you are forced to order the fries separately because you still want to satisfy your fix? Yeah, this option is kind of like that. With this option, you can be added to an email list that goes out before each event with the opportunity to pay for the events individually as you wish to attend them. Can't make an event? No problem, you won't be charged. You only get charged for events you sign up to attend

You get it all! And I mean ALL OF IT. By selecting this option, you will get the gift, the birthday card, the newsletters, the opportunity to participate in contests and full access to the events with no extra costs. With this option, you essentially get what could add up to be an $80 value for just $40!

Click here to select your Tommy's Crew package and let the fun begin!