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First Stride presented by QuidelOrtho is the follow up program to G.O.A.L., allowing 4th and 5th grade students with floor hockey experience a chance to take the ice! Each week 360 Chicago Public School Students will visit Fifth Third Arena, the new Chicago Blackhawks Community Ice Rink, to further their hockey education on and off the ice.


Before taking the ice, First Stride coaches teach about the fit and feel of hockey skates and the correct way to tie them. Once laced up, students walk around the locker room to get comfortable in their skates.

On the ice participants learn how to fall, get up, and the importance of bending your knees to stay balanced. Once students have the confidence to stand on their own they will try marching, the duck walk, stopping, and turns. Skate helpers are on-site if students need extra assistance balancing on the ice.

The ice session will end with games and free skate!


In the classroom participants will use Future Goals - Hockey Scholar, a computer program presented by EverFi.

Hockey Scholar brings science, math and engineering concepts to life using the exciting, fast paced game of hockey. Through immersive hockey simulations, each online module enables students to explore real-life applications of fundamental STEM concepts. Designed for elementary and middle school students, this online course combines cutting-edge instructional design and game-based simulations to build students' confidence, mastery, and excitement around critical STEM concepts.

*To bring Hockey Scholar to your school, click here.

For more information about the First Stride program please email Spencer Montgomery at

Family Skate

In the summer, First Stride families are invited back to Fifth Third Arena to skate with a Blackhawks player or alumni! All family members receive a free skate pass and free skate rental.

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