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Wild Mo Bros Power Rankings — Week 3

by Mike Doyle / Minnesota Wild

Well, it’s Movember again and the Wild Mo Bros are back at it, growing their soup strainers for men’s health. Check out the Wild's Movember page, presented by Jack Link's Beef Jerky, to join the team. You can also see all the cookie dusters at the team's photo gallery. Since the players are doing their part, is doing its part and trying to determine the best Wild moustache. Now in Week 3, the team’s moustaches look so good they could land a starring role on the small screen:

Aloysius Belvedere Division (Mr. Belvedere)

The Division for the sophisticated duster

Matt Dumba — The defenseman’s lip hugger is as elegant as an English gentleman and keeps it tidier than a butler. It could easily move in with a middle-class Pennsylvanian family and restore order.

Sgt. Abraham Ford Division (The Walking Dead)

The Division for the soup strainer that hunts the undead

Justin Fontaine — If you were stuck in a zombie apocalypse, Fontaine’s muzzy is the one you’d want on your side. His trucker ‘stache looks like it’s ready to take on the walking dead and help the human race survive.

Ron Swanson Division (Parks and Recreation)

The Division for the Mo that like limited government, but full upper-lip coverage

Ryan Carter — This duster looks like it’s ready to ‘stache-craft a canoe and take it on a tour of all the lakes around Pawnee, working up an appetite that can only be satisfied with bacon wrapped bacon.

Cletus Spuckler Division (The Simpsons)

The Division for the more animated muzzies

Mikael Granlund — Did anyone else know that Granlund was participating in Movember? We didn’t realize it until his cookie duster caught the light just right. And it is glorious. This Mo looks like Matt Groening penciled it in himself, so full of care and detail.

Darcy Kuemper— The goaltender’s muzzy might be hiding behind a facemask during games, but when release upon the world it is more prominent than the Springfield Tire Fire. Kuemper’s moustache would fit right in at Moe’s Tavern and could be a character on the longest running American sitcom on television.

Walter White Division (Breaking Bad)

The Division for the Mo that goes from Mr. Chips to Scarface

Kyle Brodziak — It is the Mo that knocks. Fellow lip sweaters have to tread lightly when Brodziak’s around because it will go to great lengths to get what it wants. W.W. might’ve ended his run with a goatee, but when he began cooking up the purest moustache wax with a blue tint, he started building his empire as Heisenstache.

Thomas Magnum (Magnum P.I.)

The Division for the smoothest of private investigators

Nino Niederreiter — The forward’s muzzy might not be as thick and luxurious as Magnum’s, but it sure has its swagger. Throw a ball cap and a Hawaiian shirt on this bad boy and it will be ready to move into the Robin’s Nest and start a P.I. business in Oahu.

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