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The R.S.S. Feed: Nov. 18, 2008

by Staff Writer / Minnesota Wild
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Our usual headliner, Ryan Stanzel, just for the day, will play on the accompanying stage while Sickman is on the road. See below for Stanzel's R.S.S. Feed ...

12:30 p.m. CST

A pretty busy day around our offices, despite the fact Sickman is in Pittsburgh. I spent an hour or so in the locker room, where Dusty, our new production assistant, did some video work on the Wild’s “captain board” for NHL Network. The board has action shots, month-by-month, of all the captains in Wild history. While in the locker room, I caught some of NHL Live on NHL Network, and it was good to see Jim Dowd filling in for E.J. Hradek as a guest host. For those of you who missed it, the show is replayed from 3-5 p.m. CST on NHL Network.

I set up game notes for Thursday against Vancouver mostly because, starting tonight, the Wild play every other, or every, day until Dec. 6, so it’s always good to have a head start. Robert, our intern, is working on a couple of Minnesota Swarm releases now.

Upon arriving in the office, I found out that Josh Harding wouldn’t practice today and Nolan Schaefer would be on his way to replace him tonight. So I notified Pat and Scott, the Aeros’ PR duo, and wrote a press release to send out around lunchtime.

I’m headed off to a local elementary school this afternoon -- many Wild staff members mentor a second- or third-grader throughout the year, and it’s time for me to meet my student today. Abe, my student last year, was super awesome, so this year’s will have a hard time matching him.

A couple of mailbag items ...

Q: Hi Ryan. I was wondering what the players like to do before their games at home or away games?
Kristina from Minn.

A: Good question, Kristina! Thanks for reading. Most of the players have the same pregame routine, home and away. They’ll skate (10:30 at home, 11:30 on the road), have a big lunch full of carbs (salad, pasta, chicken, steak, fish, two kinds of soup and ice cream are at all our road team meals), and a nap in the early afternoon. Players arrive at the arena between 4:30 and 5 for a 7 p.m. game. Some guys play ping pong, some guys do crosswords, some just hang out, some get their sticks ready. The team has a meeting 90 minutes before the puck drops, and it’s all business from there.

Q: Hey Ryan!

I love reading the blog and hearing about what goes on behind the scenes home and away. What I want to know is if the Wild, or, the blog, perhaps, has an internship for a young graphic designer or photographer who is still in school (currently in college). I have been a longtime fan and I would love to be a part of that team!

Keep up the great work!
Jake from Maplewood

A: Hi, Jake, thanks for reading and for the e-mail. An intern for the R.S.S. Feed? Now there’s an idea. You don’t mind making hot cocoa, do you? Just kidding. I’d suggest you keep an eye out here: for internships not just with the Wild, but all NHL teams.
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Ed note: Today's intrepid headliner on the blog show is PR guru Aaron Sickman, who has one of the longest employment tenures in Wild history and is traveling with the team in Pittsburgh. For more Stanzel, check the rail to the right.

Nov. 18, 2008

1:52 p.m. CST

Sorry for the delay with this, but I was having an interesting conversation about our economy (bailouts) and health care and whether or not socialism is a good thing with someone who is from Canada during lunch. I was also waiting for Nolan Schaefer to arrive to make sure he arrived safely and was all set for tonight. He did not land in time to participate in the morning skate (11:45 a.m.), but his equipment arrived with him, which is a nice change, and he dropped it off at the arena before taking a cab back to the hotel. He said it only cost him $240 to send his hockey equipment commercial. What a deal. Nolan will definitely be handing that receipt in so he gets reimbursed.

Josh Harding did not practice today due to a lower body strain, so Schaefer will back up Backstrom tonight. This marks the fifth time the team (first time this season) has recalled Schaefer since he was signed as a free agent in 2007. He is still looking to appear in his first NHL game with Minnesota. The other major news of the day was the Wild placing Tomas Mojzis on waivers. He was informed by General Manager Doug Risebrough following the morning skate. Boogaard, Mojzis and Weller were the last three on the ice this afternoon, being skated very hard by Mike Ramsey, so they don’t appear to be in the lineup tonight.

Yesterday, it was the equipment guys moving players around in the dressing room due to lack of space. Today, it was the coaches who decided to move into different digs for the game tonight. Good thing Matt Shaw told me so I could have VERSUS send a feed of the game to the correct room for him to record tonight. One thing I need to try and remember tonight is to get a melt of the game from VERSUS to bring back with me so Pat O’Connor can incorporate some of the highlights into Thursday’s broadcast against Vancouver on KSTC-TV. I told the VERSUS producer, Bryan Cooper, that we are always in a hurry postgame so I would need something no later than 25 minutes after the game -- that's so I don’t miss the bus. He said he would send someone to deliver the tape postgame, which is very nice because I won’t have time to walk around the rink to find the TV truck tonight. Wish me luck. I don’t want Pat getting mad at me, that’s for sure.

One other note today. James Sheppard’s dad and sister are in the process of driving his car from Nova Scotia back to Minnesota. They left Sunday and are scheduled to take a little detour and attend tonight’s game in Pittsburgh before continuing on their way to the Twin Cities. As I look out my hotel window, the clear sky has suddenly been transformed into a brief winter wonderland as snowflakes are flying everywhere. I trust the Sheppards are driving safely and I know James is looking forward to seeing them tonight briefly before he gets on the team charter. According to Yahoo! Maps, it is 1,263 miles (20 hours) from Nova Scotia to Pittsburgh and another 860 miles from Pittsburgh to St. Paul. That’s a lot of driving. I think the first thing James will have to do when he gets his car is to get the oil changed.

Enjoy tonight’s game and Go Wild!

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