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The R.S.S. Feed: Jan. 5, 2009

by Ryan Stanzel / Minnesota Wild
Jan. 5, 2009

3:45 p.m. CST

The Wild won't take to the ice this afternoon, instead doing an off-ice workout at a nearby gym. I called our hotel right when we landed, and Jeff, our contact there, hooked us up with a gym with 25 bikes down the street. It's rainy and cold in Beantown. But that's no surprise.

12:10 p.m. CST

It seems at though we are still in the Central time zone. A lot of farmland outside, and the screen up front shows us over Iowa, going almost 650 mph. That's fast. These tailwinds are unreal. Looking out the window, you can actually tell the plane is going faster.

We're all fed with our omelettes or pancakes. Salads and sanwiches and meat trays were available for anyone who wanted lunch. I'm now watching Canadian TV classic "Trailer Park Boys."

This morning went flawlessly, better than I ever could have expected. It was a rough night of sleep, as I was a bit worried about the later departure time. Plus, one of our regular flight attendants' phones was apparently in her pocket and not locked. Between 1:45 and 2:15 this morning, I got seven calls from her. This is one of the disadvantages to having to keep your phone on all the time.

I was up early and downstairs around 8 a.m., just before the bus arrived, and chatting with Jacques Lemaire. One of our players was downstairs for the 8 a.m. bus -- he didn't see the note on the board after the game, nor me yelling "9 o'clock bus" around the locker room. Actually, not bad that it was only one.

As we like it, the bus left a few minutes early, at 8:54. The flight crew was aboard and ready for us. Screening was fast, and our pilot told me that, due to these tailwinds, we'd make the flight in a shade under three hours. That's just incredible from Denver to Boston (actually Bedford).

While the final bags were getting loaded, I chatted with Jack, our bus driver for the Boston leg of the trip. He has a thick "chowdah" accent.

We also got some good pre-flight entertainment. Bob Kurtz of Wild radio had a DVD of an old North Stars/Blackhawks game, with Bob Mason in net. Quite a few goals given up by Mason, now the Wild's goalie coach. Mason made sure to let everyone know the defense hung him out to dry on most of the goals.

We're not expecting a full practice -- likely some of the Wild's "minute munchers" will be given the afternoon off. But the hotel is ready for us.

A relatively light flight for us, too. We lost everyone from TV (save for stats guru Sarah, who has family in Boston), as tomorrow's game is on VERSUS. And head athetic therapist Donny Fuller stayed behind for Marian Gaborik's surgery this morning [as of Monday afternoon, we can report that surgery went as expected and rehab started immediately]. The pair took a car to Vail after the game last night.

I have VERSUS requests for tomorrow, which include a brief sitdown with Jacques at 5 p.m., and an interview with Brent Burns at the 10-minute timeout of the first period. Most of the rest of VERSUS requests are game-driven.

Time to get back to my DVD. I don't anticipate any news from practice. If there's not, I'll talk to you from TD Banknorth in the morning. That is, by the way, one of two current NHL buildings that Owen Nolan has yet to score a goal in. The other is Philadelphia's Wachovia Center, so Nolan will have a chance to score a goal in every NHL building that's open. He has scored in 47 arenas overall.

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