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The "Be Like Clutter" Winner

by Glen Andresen / Minnesota Wild

Let's face the hard truth, we can't all be Cal Clutterbuck.

The guy is talented, cool and funny. He also destroys NHL players on the ice and is making a habit out of blasting shots off opposing goaltender's water bottles.

But just because we can't play like Clutter, doesn't mean we can't be like him. And if we can be like Clutter, well, that's only going to make our significant others. Some of us just need that extra bit of swagger, and the best way to acquire that is to have the one and only Clutter help out.

Last month, offered a "Be Like Clutter" makeover as men from all over were nominated by loved ones. There were over 100 submissions, and all of which were deserving. After whittling down the contestants to a healthy 20, Clutterbuck actually went through all of the finalists while sitting on a Wells Fargo Wild Road Tour bus. After reading your stories and seeing the photos (some of which were hilarious), Clutterbuck chose his winner, Robert Hudson of Elk River.

Robert was nominated by his wife, Rebecca, who says her husband possesses all the qualities she could ever want. He's a talented TV personality with a quick wit, and he's a doting father. But after getting laid off in March, Robert stayed at home with the couple's four-year-old daughter, Presley, who has Down Syndrome.

"Trying to make it on just my income, it's been a really difficult and stressful time for our family," wrote Rebecca. "I know this would brighten Rob's day and would be something he'd never forget."

Rebecca wanted to treat her husband and lift his spirits after all he's done for their family. And the good news is, he landed another TV gig, so the timing of the "Be Like Clutter" contest was perfect for him.

Thanks to the folks at Mall of America, Bloomingdale's and The Buckle, Cal and Robert got right to work in sprucing up the wardrobe, which Rebecca classified as "grubby jeans and worn-out, old hockey T-shirts."

They looked at everything from formal to casual with the help of Bloomingdale's stylist, Roger, and The Buckle fashion guru, Lauren.

When all was said and done, Robert had his outfit "to write home about" as well as a day to remember: getting a makeover from the one and only, Cal Clutterbuck.
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