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Q & A With Reid Duke

by Mike Doyle / Minnesota Wild

Managing Editor Mike Doyle spoke with prospects at this year's Wild Development Camp. Throughout the summer, these question and answer sessions will be posted on This week is a conversation with
Reid Duke, the Wild’s sixth-round pick at the summer’s NHL Entry Draft. The forward talks about experiencing Development Camp, mixing it up in the camp scrimmages and the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

What was your experience at Wild Development Camp?

It’s been incredible. I really didn’t know anyone coming in here, so at the beginning it’s a little nerve wracking. The organization and everyone involved are such good people and treated me so well. So, I was happy about that and I had a great time here.

How’s it been to come in during the middle of the summer with the ice time and workouts? Do you skate much in the summer?

Yeah, I skate quite a bit. I’ve been in the gym since the end of last season getting ready for the (NHL Scouting) Combine. It’s definitely been busy.

It was fun to watch you guys at that first scrimmage at Braemar (Ice Arena). It got a little physical, is that the type of game you play? It looked like you weren’t afraid to mix it up in the corners.

It’s not a huge part of my game, but I definitely try to do it depending on how the game is going. At a camp like this you want to prove yourself because there are expectations that you want to exceed and anything I can do to help that, I’ll do.

Let’s talk about things you like to do off the ice. What are some of the activities you like to do away from the rink?

I’m up for anything. It’s summer time, the weather is nice so I try to get out to the lake whenever I can. You don’t want to stay focused on hockey all year round, so if you get out boating or swimming outside it’s pretty easy when you’re with some friends and take your mind off things.

So you’d adjust well to Minnesota with all the lakes?

(Laugh) Yeah, 10,000 lakes, that doesn’t hurt. If I’m down here at the end of the summer I’ll try to do what I can, but right now it’s focusing on hockey while I’m here.

Did you guys get to see any of Minnesota or the Twin Cities while you were here?

A little bit. I’ve been here before, so I kind of know what the Twin Cities are like. We went out to Lord Fletchers with both teams (campers were split between Green and White) and played volleyball right on the water. They took us around to see the city and we did other activities like paintball, so they definitely made it fun for us.

Heading into next season, what types of goals do you have? Do you set personal goals or do you take things as they come?

Everyone has their goals and what they want to achieve. Coming in this season, I want to give the best impression at the Wild’s main camp and we’ll see where things go from there.

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