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Q & A With Charlie Coyle

by Mike Doyle / Minnesota Wild

So, in Saint John they gave you the nickname “Sir Charles,” how did that come about?

I don’t know if it was during the playoffs or regular season or what. I don’t even know who came up with it, but someone brought it up and it kind of stuck. So, I guess that’s my first nickname. Guys had some fun with that, calling me it.

What do you think of the nickname?

I don’t care too much with nicknames, whatever they want to call me (laugh). It is what it is, just fun.

Now with you and Zack Phillips, who was your teammate in Saint John, are in the Wild organization, is that going to stick?

I don’t know…we’ll have to see. I think that’s going to rely on the fans. I think Zack will still call me it in fun, but we’ll see.

So you play a game called “Words with Friends,” what’s that game all about?

(Laugh) I started playing it a while back, and then I stopped. I was looking for a new game, but have gotten back to it. It’s pretty fun, I have a few friends who I play against and we have some good battles.

Are you any good at it?

It depends who I’m playing, I’d like to think I’m okay. But sometimes you go against that really smart guy and he just kicks your butt.

What’s your high score?

I think if you get into the 400s it’s pretty good. I think a little over 400 is probably my best.

So your hometown of Weymouth, Mass., is close to Massachusetts Bay, what was that like growing up?

It’s right on the south shore on the way to Cape Cod. It’s a nice place, where I grew up. Most of my family is from there.

Did you go out on the water a lot as a kid?

Not a whole lot, here and there. We have a couple of beaches close by, so we would go out there every once in a while. But nothing over the top.

So were you a fisherman out there?

Not really. I actually don’t do it a whole lot of fishing, just once in a while.

So when you get to Minnesota that might be something you’re going to have to get into.

I wouldn’t mind getting into it; it’s a lot of fun.

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